High-Throughput Sequencing

Illumina MiSeq, NextSeq, and HiSeq

Illumina MiSeqIllumina’s MiSeq Sequencer is another new addition to the GSL. The Illumina platform has been a workhorse of the sequencing industry and has been proven to be very reliable. The MiSeq is capable of generating long reads, up to 600 bases (300×2 paired end) and over 15 million reads per run while the HiSeq generates over 150 million reads per run up to 200 bases long (100×2 paired end).

More information about the Illumina NextSeq coming soon!

Pacific Biosciences (PacBio)

PacBio RSThe GSL is now preparing libraries for the PacBio RS and outsourcing the sequencing to collaborating facilities. If the data looks as good as it’s supposed to (some reads 20Kb and longer!) we’ll right a proposal to place one here.

Life Technologies – Ion Proton

LifeTech IonProtonOne of the newest additions to the GSL laboratory, the Ion Proton Sequencer is based on the next generation of semiconductor sequencing technology. This instrument sequences by synthesis and detects nucleotide additions by measuring hydrogen ions as they are released during nucleotide incorporation. With no need for optics, special fluorescence or chemiluminescence reactions, this instrument is one of the fastest around, capable of producing around 80 million reads in a few hours. Supported applications include small genome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing and gene expression profiling, exome and other targeted sequencing projects, and more!