Supporting Services

Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

The GSL houses an Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, a microfluidics system capable of estimating the size and concentration of DNA and RNA samples. This instrument is often used for quality control of samples prior to next generation library construction and sequencing. The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer requires only a small amount of sample (users are asked to submit ~5ul of sample) at a concentration of 1-5ng/ul for the High Sensitivity DNA Chip and the RNA Pico Chip, or at a concentration of 50-500ng/ul for the RNA Nano Chip. The GSL currently offers sample QC at a per chip cost.

Covaris S2 Ultrasonicator

The Covaris S2 Ultrasonicator uses cavitation to shear gDNA and Chromatin samples to reproducible sizes. The GSL currently offers training on the Covaris instrument, and once complete, users can utilize an online calendar to sign up to use the instrument for a per ½ hour instrument usage fee. Protocols for shearing to a variety of size ranges from 150 to 5,000bp are available from Covaris. Please contact Jenn, Cory, or Julie for more information or to schedule training.

Beckman Coulter – Biomek FX

The Biomek FX automated liquid handling system is currently utilized by the GSL for plate transfers, cycle sequencing reaction clean-ups, and occasionally DNA extraction protocols. If you think that your research could benefit from using our liquid handling system, please contact Jenn Schaff.

Blue Pippin Prep

The Pippin Prep is an electropheresis platform capable of size selecting DNA fragments and automatically collecting the fractionation in buffer according to to the user imputted size range. It is commonly used to size select next generation sequencing libraries. It is capable of performing narrow size selections from 50bp to 50kb in a couple of hours. Customers may drop off samples to be run by GSL personel  on the instrument.  Please contact Jenn, Cory, or Julie for more information.


The GSL allows trained customers to use our ABI 7900HT qRT-PCR after training on the instrument has been completed. Trained users are given access to an online calendar where they can sign up for a time to use the instrument. Customers are responsible for setting up their own reaction in a 384 well plate approved for use on the instrument and covered with an optical heat seal. Customers are charged a per plate fee for using the machine that is used to cover the instrument’s service contract. Please contact Jenn, Cory, or Julie for more information or to schedule training.