Of the 155 institutions responding to the 2013 Licensing Activity Survey conducted by the Association of University Technology Managers, OTT ranked 10th in the number of Licenses and Options Executed.  In fact, OTT consistently ranks among the top 10 technology transfer offices at universities without medical schools in terms of invention disclosures (7th), US Patents Issued (9th), Startups Formed (7th) and Licenses and Options Executed (2nd).


FY2014 Statistics At a Glance

Number of Intellectual Property Disclosures Submitted258
Number of Patents Filed186
Number of Patents Issued82
Number of Startups10
Number of Commercialization Agreements145
Number of Other Agreements (MTAs, CDAs, etc.)744
License Revenue Received$7.5 million

Cumulative Statistics

  • US Patents Issued866
  • US Patents Pending:  311
  • IP Disclosures:  3,450+
  • Products to Market:  500+
  • Startups Launched:  100+
  • Jobs Created: 8,100+
  • Jobs Created in NC:  3,500+
  • Financing Raised:  $1.6B
  • Market Cap: $6.2B+