Proposal Development

Request PDU Services

As part of the commitment of the NCSU Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development to developing and facilitating faculty research teams, the Proposal Development Unit provides unpaid consulting proposal developers for large-scale faculty proposal projects as resources and time permit. The PDU does not charge departments or colleges for its services, which may include:

  • Consultation on proposal strategy
  • Project team meeting facilitation to clarify project goals, implementation plans, and budgets
  • Management of proposal schedule and communications
  • Identification of additional faculty expertise and resources
  • Planning and writing non-technical portions of the proposal (e.g., diversity, K-12 outreach, management, broader impacts, international program logistics, assessment, technology transfer, and/or economic development)
  • Institutional data acquisition
  • Proposal drafting, editing, and formatting
  • Budget/justification preparation (including coordination of subcontract budgets) and submission for college research office approval
  • Negotiation of cost sharing agreements
  • Collection and formatting of CVs, current and pending support forms, and other information required from each participating researcher
  • Drafting of letters of support/commitment for NCSU and partner organization officials
  • Electronic submission on PINS,, NSF FastLane, etc.
  • Coordination of funding agency site visits and review response reports.

Working with the Proposal Development Unit (PDU)

The assigned proposal developer and the investigator(s) will agree upon the expected level of PDU service before project commencement. The level of service is determined by investigator needs, the time remaining before the deadline, and available PDU resources.

Typically, each proposal developer handles multiple projects simultaneously, which requires careful planning and management to allow enough time to provide high-quality service to each project. The lead PDU proposal developer will draft a schedule for each project that allows him/her to integrate a new project with other proposal commitments during the same period of time. This draft schedule will be refined and agreed upon by the principal investigator(s) before project work begins. Please note while proposal developers often work overtime to stick to the schedule, they assume the same commitment from their faculty clients. However, the PDU does not commit weekend staff time to rescue projects that have fallen significantly behind schedule when investigators have failed to meet their commitments.

The PDU reserves the right to renegotiate the level of its services if unforeseen events cause the principal investigator(s) on a project to fall so significantly behind schedule that completing the project will infringe on PDU support for other proposals.

To request PDU support, please complete the “Request PDU Services” form.