Testing Services

Services Agreements

Testing Services Agreements (TSA) and Fabrication Services Agreements (FSA) are contracts that offer external firms and agencies the opportunity to capitalize on the occasional unused capacity of specialized services and facilities of the University. These services and facilities include but are not limited to panels of trained subject-area experts, machine shops, specialized scientific and analytic instrumentation. These services are driven by protocols and specifications established by external firms and contain no experimental design or intellectual capital beyond that needed to construct a bid/quote and arrange appropriate resources to complete the directed work. These activities provide excellent practicum opportunities for students, technical staff and on occasion the faculty themselves and as such are not only an incredibly important public service and economic driver for the State of North Carolina, they are also expansive of the educational and research mission of the institution.

Services Agreements also create enormous local and regional economic impact. By allocating a certain amount of specialized service and facility capacity for external contracting, business is attracted to the area. As new industry develops within the local and regional area, specialized services and facilities demanded by those industries naturally proliferate, lessening the reliance on the University’s capacity in these areas and establishing an environment for private enterprise to develop in order to meet viable demand for these services.

The agreement terms of testing services are generally non-negotiable. Below is the approved contract form:

Service Center Operators/Managers – A central overhead assessment necessary to recover costs associated with regulatory compliance, energy, facilities, and centralized administrative services is under discussion and will likely be established and assessed on external revenue later in 2010. Central administration is currently evaluating the appropriate rate to charge and this will be communicated prior to implementation so that new Testing and Service arrangements can plan for and incorporate the assessment into pricing models.

Any contracting with outside sources by NC State service centers must contain a contract signed by an authorized official of the University. At a minimum, a quote or bid prepared by a service center in response to specialized services requested by an external firm must contain provisions outlined by clicking here.

Collaborating with industry, state and local, and the federal government is of primary importance to NC State. We routinely rank in the top 10 amongst all universities in industry sponsored research activities. To view more agreement types and collaboration protocols, please view the following pages:

If you have any question, please contact Ginny Moser: 919.515.7686, service_agreements@ncsu.edu