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Professor Joy Gaston Gayles Delivers Keynote Address on Diversity to Kick Off NC State’s Research Week

There is more that can be done to broaden diverse participation in research, thereby increasing the possibility for creating a greater range of innovative solutions to complex problems, said NC State College of Education Professor and Senior Advisor for Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Joy Gaston Gayles, Ph.D., during her keynote address to kick off the second annual Research Week at NC State. This year’s Research Week is focused on advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in research and practice. 

“We need innovative solutions to solve complex problems, but we also need to get out of our own way so that people can bring their bright minds, full potential and authentic selves into academic spaces so that we can get to solving real problems,” Gayles said. 

Recruiting and retaining diverse faculty, she said, means moving away from transactional responses — like checking a box or performative and appeasing acts– to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion and engaging in transformative work to make research teams and grant-funded projects more inclusive, equitable and diverse. 

To accomplish this, Gayles offered three tips for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in research and practice:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness about the experiences of people who are different from you (and believe them when they share their stories)
  • Reflect on what voices and perspectives are not represented on your research teams and how you can change that
  • Take responsibility and hold people accountable for creating and sustaining equitable and inclusive environments.

This post was originally published in College of Education News.