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Over the course of the last year, the NC State community has worked together to keep the research enterprise robust. From strong 10-year growth of 65% in federal research expenditures to groundbreaking new partnerships and innovation, we continue to thrive.

The Office of Research and Innovation paves the way for advancing research and innovation on campus. Our work of leadership, investment and support is intended to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and guide and fund the research that propels economic, intellectual and societal prosperity.

Ten-Year Research Expenditures

The above chart shows research expenditures in millions over the last 10 years, in addition to their funding sources. Our expenditures are driven through a variety of funding sources, including state-funded projects, federal funds, privately funded research agreements, and institutional support. In the past ten years, our federal research expenditures have grown 65%. This chart is updated annually at fiscal year-end. Last updated 7/1/2021

Research Activity Snapshot

 This Fiscal Year
To Date
Last Fiscal Year
To Date
Award Amount$351,769,528$339,800,420$330,137,531
Number of Awards3,2083,1983,139
Proposal Amount$1,391,535,379$1,490,466,798$1,259,895,492
Number of Proposals2,9233,1673,028

This chart indicates our current status and value of research awards and the number and dollar value of proposals submitted institutionally in comparison to the last fiscal year. The university’s fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30. This chart uses live data. For more detailed research activity data, click here.

Five-Year Commercialization Data

Total IP Disclosures275276295276269
Total Patents Filed241264292275258
Total Commercialization Agreements169145155145196
Revenue Royalties in Millions$4.4$5.3$5.6$4.5$5.9
Total # Startup Companies1520211720

The above table shows research commercialization activity over the past five years. See more commercialization data. Last updated 7/1/21