The Office of Research and Innovation is proud to honor an amazing bunch of talented individuals. This year’s nominees have excelled in hard work and dedication to their team. A ceremony and reception were held on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at the Friday Institute. The winner in the SHRA category was Mary Beth Barrow from the North Carolina Sea Grant and Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI). The winner in this year’s EHRA category was Rogelio Sullivan from the PowerAmerica Institute. Both winners will move on to the university level and will be recognized on June 11, 2018. The university level ceremony begins at 2:00 p.m. and will be held in the James B. Hunt Library on Centennial Campus.

EHRA Award Recipient, Rogelio Sullivan

Rogelio Sullivan, a Program Manager for the PowerAmerica Institute, is the recipient of the 2018 ORI EHRA Award for Excellence. PowerAmerica’s Executive Director, Nick Justice, states, “It is my pleasure to nominate Rogelio Sullivan for this year’s ORI Award for Excellence. Descriptions of him will include the tremendous dedication to his work in managing the details of our university’s largest-ever federal award — PowerAmerica. I am confident you will find resounding support for Rogelio’s nomination from all those who engage with him on a daily basis. The whole team turns to him for help in supporting their efforts on the program. He never fails to exceed expectations.”

Rogelio’s contributions to PowerAmerica, PowerAmerica staff, and especially its members is best represented in a quote from PowerAmerica’s Membership and Industry Relations Manager Jim LeMunyon: “Rogelio is the kind of person who inspires others to do well because he leads by example. He not only ‘sets the bar’ for himself to excel in terms of performance, but in doing so, helps ‘set the bar’ for the PowerAmerica organization.”

Congratulations to  Rogelio on receiving this year’s EHRA award

Rogelio Sullivan headshot

Mary Beth Barrow headshot

SHRA Award Recipient, Mary Beth Barrow

Mary Beth Barrow is the recipient of the 2018 ORI SHRA Award for Excellence. In her role as Business Officer for North Carolina’s Sea Grant and the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI), Mary Beth exemplifies excellence in “efficiency and innovation” each and every day. Mary Beth ensures many funding reports are timely, transactions are transparent, and all training is up-to-date while congruently making sure the ledgers are balanced.

Mary Beth’s supervisor Susan White, Executive Director for NC Sea Grant and WRRI, states, “Our entire team regularly works with Mary Beth to brainstorm solutions to challenges beyond budgets and grants, and this reflects wonderfully on her ability to think outside the box and provide potential options that many, myself included, may not have considered. It is a pleasure to work with her on a daily basis to support Sea Grant and WRRI. I appreciate her as both a friend and colleague. It is my great pleasure to nominate her for the Award for Excellence for NC States Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development.”

Congratulations to Mary Beth on receiving this year’s SHRA award!

2018 EHRA Award Nominees

  • Lauren Bridges (LAS)
  • Barbara Doll (NC Sea Grant)
  • Mathew Palmer (ITRE)
  • Reenah Schaffer (PDU)
  • Larisa Slark (RDO)
  • Rogelio Sullivan (PowerAmerica)

2018 SHRA Award Nominees

  • Ahmed Baianonie (SBTDC)
  • Mary Elizabeth Barrow (NC Sea Grant/WRRI)
  • Michelle Frick (PDU)
  • Tracy Harden (SPARCS)
  • Janna Martin (PowerAmerica)
  • Alejandro Viva (SBTDC)