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Subaward Process


Determine if the collaborator is a subrecipient or contractor by completing the FDP Checklist. Once the prime award has been received by NC State University, if the collaborator is a contractor, contact Materials Management for assistance. If the collaborator is a subrecipient, prepare a Subrecipient Proposal Package to upload in PINS.

Subrecipient Proposal Package Components

Subrecipient Process

  1. Add each subrecipient named in the proposal to PINS under the “Sponsors/Subs/Deadlines” tab. If subrecipient is not available in the table, click on “Request New Subrecipient”.
  2. Upload the Subrecipient Proposal Package in PINS.
  3. Review the Subrecipient COI question and Representations and Certifications language in the PINS approval tab.
  4. Once the proposal is imported into RADAR, a subrecipient questionnaire is sent to the subrecipient to begin the risk assessment process.


Once the prime award/account set up is complete, a PMR “Subaward (New)” can be initiated. Make sure you have Sponsor approval to issue the subaward. If not, initiate a Subaward New PMR, upload the Subrecipient Proposal Package, and answer YES to the question, Does Subaward need Sponsor Prior Approval? Once Sponsor approval is obtained by SPARCS, the PMR will be routed for the subaward to be issued.  

If the Subrecipient Proposal Package in PINS/RADAR is current, do not upload it again in the PMR System. If any document in the Subrecipient Proposal Package has been revised since it was uploaded in PINS/RADAR, please upload the revised documents in the PMR.

PMR Process

  1. If the subaward involves human subjects or animals, upload the subrecipient’s IRB/IACUC approval or indicate in the comments of the PMR that a protocol is pending.
  2. Approve the PMR and send for secondary review (CRO).
  3. CRO sends the PMR to SPARCS for processing.
  4. For rush requests, please include an explanation that will allow SPARCS to manage appropriately.
  5. A risk assessment is completed on all new subawards.
  6. Subaward is drafted, negotiated and fully executed.
  7. Subaward is uploaded in the PMR and the PMR is approved.
  8. Subaward is sent to Office of Contracts and Grants for account set up.
  9. Subaward modifications follow similar Post-Award steps. A PMR “Subaward (Modify)” can be initiated when needed.

Subaward modifications that request additional funding, a deobligation or a rebudget must include an itemized budget uploaded in the PMR.