Importing Human Pathogens, Infectious Substances, and Vectors of Human Disease

The US Department of Health & Human Services’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regulates the importation of human pathogens, infectious substances, and vectors of human disease.  To import these types of materials, the importer must obtain permission in the form of an import permit from the CDC prior to the materials entering the United States.

To obtain an import permit from the CDC, the importer must submit an application that identifies the sender and recipient, describes the material, its intended use in the US, and the safety, storage, and disposal practices the recipient will follow while in possession of this material.  There is currently no fee to obtain a CDC import permit.  For more details visit the CDC Import Permit Program.

If you need to import a human pathogen, infectious substance, or vector of human disease contact for assistance with the permit application.  Also, call the EHS Biosafety Officer at 919-515-6858 for guidance on proper safety, storage, and disposal.