Importing Chemicals

Toxic Substances Control Act

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) regulates the importation of chemical substances into the United States.  All chemical imports into the US must include a TSCA import certification that states that the imported chemicals are either in compliance with TSCA regulations (positive certification) or that they are not subject to them (negative certification).  CBP may detain or deny entry for any chemical shipment without a TSCA certification.

The EPA has published a checklist to assist importers in determining if their import is subject to TSCA.

Importers should prepare this TSCA Import Certification Form unless the sender will provide their own version that contains the same information (most commercial manufacturers include TSCA certification letters).  Once completed you should send a signed copy of the Import Certification Form to the sender to include with the shipping paperwork for your chemicals.
TSCA Import Certification Form

How to complete the TSCA Import Certification Form

In the “Select the Correct Statement” section in the middle of the form, you will check the box for one of the two statements.  The first statement applies to most chemical shipments that do not have a specific application in commerce.  Checking this box certifies that all TSCA import requirements have been followed for this shipment.

For chemicals that are subject to other regulatory agencies, for example pesticides, nuclear materials, food, food additives, drugs, cosmetics, or medical device components choose second option.  These materials are subject to another agency’s jurisdiction and therefore do not have to be imported in accordance with TSCA regulations.  For more information these non-TSCA chemical imports see the relevant section of this website.

This import notification process is for chemicals that are imported in small quantities for research and development purposes only.  If you will be importing chemicals for uses other than research and development, contact for instruction.