Priority Review Process for Students

The IRB office is excited to roll out a new campus-wide program, IRB Priority Review Process (hereafter, PRP) launching in the 2020-2021 academic year. This program is for all enrolled students. If the student completes all of the PRP prerequisites, they will be eligible to receive priority review of their IRB protocol application for one pre-set week in the same academic year that they complete the prerequisites. Read on for more details.

How does a student qualify for the PRP program?

The student must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a student in one of NC State’s academic programs.
  • Complete all training prerequisites in the same academic year the student wants to qualify for the PRP program. Please see Appendix A at the bottom of this page for a full list of training requirements as well as some frequently asked questions.
  • Upload all proofs of training completion to the supporting documentation of their eIRB protocol.
  • Complete a Letter of Intent (Appendix B) and upload the letter to the supporting documentation of the student’s eIRB protocol.
  • Follow all directions in Appendix C.

Once qualified for the PRP program, what does a student need to do?

  • Complete a full eIRB application and upload all necessary supplemental documentation for the protocol such as recruitment/consent/instruments/procedural materials, gatekeeper permission, etc.
  • Make PRP edits to application. See Appendix C for a checklist.
  • Have their advisor submit the eIRB application to the IRB office by 11:59pm on the Sunday before the priority review week that the student chose in their letter of intent. See Appendix D for the list of PRP review weeks and submission deadlines.
  • Be easily available during the priority review week to respond to feedback from the IRB office.
  • Before selecting a priority review week, the student must check with their faculty advisor for the protocol to ensure that the faculty advisor will also be available during the priority review week.

The NC State IRB commitment to PRP enrollees

  • Your protocol will be the first to be reviewed each day of your PRP review week if submitted as instructed.
  • IRB staff and Expedited reviewers will be dedicated during the PRP week to exclusively assist with PRP reviews.
  • Feedback given to PRP enrollees will be timely, complete, and thorough.
  • IRB staff and Expedited reviewers will review a protocol more than once during the PRP week if the protocol is resubmitted with all requested edits made.

Limitations of the PRP program

  • Only NC State students who have met the prerequisites can enroll.
  • Students must follow all instructions outlined on this webpage and in the PRP appendices.
  • Students can only have one priority review week for one eIRB protocol during the same academic year they qualify for the PRP program.
  • Students can only have priority review for one eIRB protocol for their degree current program.
  •  Timeliness and approval is also dependent on the student and faculty advisor working together to address all requested changes thoroughly.

PRP program details and appendices

We hope that the PRP program will assist our students in achieving important academic milestones such as capstone projects, theses, and dissertations. Please read the below appendices for detailed information about the PRP program requirements, processes, and review weeks.