Priority Review Process for Students

2021-2022 PRP Program Update

The PRP program is discontinued for the 2021-2022 academic year.  For those students that completed all of their PRP training during the 2020-2021 academic year including the eIRB application workshop and have not yet received a PRP review week, your options to receive a priority review week are:

  1. Submit your PRP protocol for the June 2021 PRP review week (submission deadline is Sunday, June 13th by 11:59pm) OR
  2. Submit your PRP protocol for the July 2021 PRP review week (submission deadline is Sunday, July 18th by 11:59pm) OR
  3. Submit your PRP protocol for a Fall 2021 semester week that you and your advisor choose together. Any week can be chosen with the exception of November 22nd-26th, 2021 (Thanksgiving week). We suggest that you don’t pick a week with University/holiday closures as your review week will be shortened. You must notify at least two weeks in advance of the week you’ve chosen so that the appropriate IRB resources can be allocated to review the study. All review weeks will run Monday through Thursday, with the protocol submitted no later than the Sunday before the review week begins.

Whether you choose option 1, 2, or 3, you must follow all PRP guidance and protocols, e.g., having your advisor submit your protocol in advance of your review week, annotating the protocol title appropriately, uploading all procedural materials and human subjects research training for all members of the research team, and crafting a complete, thorough application.

Human subjects research training requirements campus-wide have changed from what was discussed in your eIRB application workshop if you did the training before June 2021, so please consult PRP Appendix A, PRP Appendix B, and the NC State University Training Requirements for Completing Research with Human Subjects document for further guidance.

PRP program appendices

Before participating in a priority review week, the student must check with their faculty advisor to ensure that the faculty advisor will mentor the student on research design, IRB application and submission, and be available during the PRP review week as an active partner. The IRB office cannot serve as a student’s advisor/mentor nor can the office submit the IRB application for the student, as that is the responsibility of faculty members.  If the student does not have a faculty member who will be thoroughly engaged throughout the student’s IRB process and actively mentoring the student, the student should not attempt to participate in a PRP review week as the PRP program relies on faculty engagement with their advisees to function.