Delinquent Technical Reports Management

Paramount to NC State University’s ability to sustain its extensive externally sponsored endeavors is the timely, meaningful and high-quality technical reporting required by individual sponsored agreements. Delinquencies cause the institution's reputation with sponsors to suffer and often carry significant institutional sanctions that result in nonpayment. To facilitate compliance with technical reporting requirements, and remedy delinquent technical reports, SPARCS subscribes to the following guidelines associated with securing timely and satisfactory results:


From time to time, the institution receives notification from external sponsors that technical reports are overdue. When such notifications are received, the standard procedure SPARCS follows to ensure a satisfactory response and resolution is to:

  • Forward a copy of the request by email to the principal investigator (PI), copying the designated college research officer (CRO), to request that they submit the technical report to the sponsor. Monthly follow-ups are performed until reports are submitted.
  • A copy of the technical report must be submitted to the designated CRO, to be uploaded into the Research Administration Data and Reporting system (RADAR), in order to dispute any future assertions by the sponsor of noncompliance with the technical reporting requirements.


Unsatisfactory response by the PI, department or college may result in escalation to the appropriate associate dean for research (ADR) and the director of Sponsored Programs.