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Think and Do The Extraordinary
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September 30, 2018 | Staff

The United States Event Association has voted to support two equine research projects at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Studies from Lauren Schnabel, CVM assistant professor of equine orthopedic surgery, and Jessica Gilbertie, a graduate student and member of Schnabel’s research lab, have been approved for funding by the USEA’s Board of Governors. The research projects are two of just four equine studies receiving USEA funding through its Equine Medical Research Fund.

Schnabel’s project focuses on improving the use of stem cells for treatment of musculoskeletal injuries in horses, specifically looking at a way to prevent the immune system from destroying donor stem cells. Gilbertie’s study explores new ways to improve treatment of joint infections that cause inflammation and often led to equine osteoarthritis

Earlier this year, Schnabel and Gilbertie received highly competitive grants for their research projects from the Morris Animal Foundation. The USAE’s Equine Medical Research Committee recommended contributing nearly $12,000 to each of the projects. The Morris Animal Foundation assists the USEA in recommending projects to fund.

The organization’s fund was established in 2014 and selects studies benefitting both the general horse population and sport horses. Schnabel’s research lab focuses on equine stem cell immunology and regenerative therapies.

For more information on the USEA Equine Medical Research Fund, go here.

This post was originally published in Veterinary Medicine News.

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