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Think and Do The Extraordinary
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September 27, 2018 | Staff

RALEIGH, N.C. — NC State College of Education faculty, including scholars within the college’s Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, were awarded 44 grants by external sources in the 2017-2018 academic year totaling $28,038,462. That is the highest total dollar amount in grants awarded to faculty in a single year in the college’s 91-year history.

“Our faculty are performing some of the top educational research in the U.S., and the amount in grants they were awarded this past year is national recognition of that,” said NC State College of Education Mary Ann Danowitz. “Their research also reflects their passion for and commitment to our mission to improve the educational outcomes of all learners. Collectively, they are applying their research to transform the practice of teaching, learning and leading across the entire education spectrum, from early childhood to higher education and adult and workforce development.”

Nearly 45 percent of the grant proposals NC State Education faculty submitted in 2017-2018 were awarded. The grants they received will enable them to further the preparation of community college leaders and principals, improve science literacy and the teaching of foundational reading skills, foster positive school environments and incorporate technology-based STEM into K-12 classrooms, among other areas of impact.

NC State College of Education faculty were awarded their most grants in terms of dollar amount in 2017-2018.

A few examples of the grants awarded in 2017-2018 include:

“The success of our faculty demonstrates the quality of the research currently happening in our college,” said Paola Sztajn, the NC State College of Education’s associate dean for research and innovation. “We have top notch scholars working on some of the most important educational problems in the nation.”

With the 2017-2018 grants, over two-thirds of the college’s faculty continue to be active in sponsored research endeavors. This brings the college to a total of 127 funded projects that total over $79.83 million. This makes the NC State College of Education the top-funded college of education in North Carolina for research grants and among the Top 8 percent among public colleges of education in the nation.

A list of all of the college’s grant-funded research projects can be found here.

This post was originally published in College of Education News.

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