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Think and Do The Extraordinary
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May 5, 2020 | Matt Simpson

The Office of Research and Innovation, in partnership with the Alumni Association, has selected six NC State faculty members as recipients of this year’s Outstanding Research Award. The six awardees will also be inducted to the Research Leadership Academy (RLA).

The 2020 awardees are:

RLA membership is awarded for the entirety of their respective careers with the university and requires an initial commitment of at least three years of active service. 

“We’re excited to welcome these six new members, representing five colleges, to the NC State Research Leadership Academy,” says Greg Parsons, current chair of the RLA. “Selected from 14 outstanding nominees, they’ll also receive the prestigious Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award.” 

“I look forward to our new members helping the RLA empower faculty, promote research mentoring, and advance the intellectual multidisciplinary research community within NC State. Congratulations to all of the 2020 nominees and recipients,” Parsons says.

Each year, the Outstanding Research Award recognizes faculty members for excellence in their field and commitment to the university’s research enterprise. The selection committee is comprised of representatives from the Office of Research and Innovation, the Provost’s Office and the RLA.

The RLA is a faculty advisory group to Vice Chancellor for Research Mladen Vouk. The RLA’s goals are to: encourage a culture of mentoring across campus; empower faculty for success; advance an intellectual, multidisciplinary research community; and develop and promote best administrative practices throughout the NC State research community.

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