Announcing the 2022 Ideation Awardees

August 30, 2022 | sgoconno

Faculty Awards Defining the role of TRPV1 neurons as regulators of radiosensitivity in head and neck cancer PIs: Santosh Mishra & Michael Nolan Funded by CMI A Canine Cancer Moonshot: Belka and Strelka for Canine...

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CMI to Sponsor Interdisciplinary Ideation Event

June 7, 2022 | sgoconno

The CMI, together with the Data Science Academy, the Genetics & Genomics Academy, and the Integrative Sciences Initiative, is hosting “Think, Collaborate & DO: A CMI Ideation Event” on Friday, June 17th from 12:00-5:00 p.m....

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Brudno receives $2.8 million from NCI to fund CAR-T advancements

April 29, 2021 | sgoconno

Yevgeny Brudno, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and member of the Chemistry of Life Program and Functional Tissue Engineering Group within the Comparative Medicine Institute has received a 7-year, $2.8 million R37 grant from NCI entitled “Biomaterial Scaffolds for Ex-Vivo and...

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New Macrolactone Database Could Aid Drug Discovery, Research

April 21, 2021 | sgoconno

By Tracey Peake Researchers from North Carolina State University and Collaborations Pharmaceuticals have created a free-to-use database of 14,000 known macrolactones – large molecules used in drug development – which contains information about the molecular...

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