The central goal of this graduate training program is to produce the next generation of scientists with the skills needed to successfully lead interdisciplinary biomedical research teams. Teams of scientists have been shown to make the greatest impact in biomedical research because existing challenges are complex, and thus demand complex solutions. Interdisciplinary teams are ideally suited to discover these solutions, are more successful at obtaining funding, and their scientific outcomes have greater impact.

Despite these clear benefits, the establishment of specially designed interdisciplinary team science training programs for graduate students has lagged behind. Utilizing our experience in fostering team science through CMI-developed programs (YSP and SIRI), we have identified keys areas that are critical for integrating into, and leading, successful interdisciplinary teams (including your own academic or industry future team) and created a unique training program that will effectively mentor PhD trainees in interdisciplinary team science.

The objectives for the proposed training program are:

Program Features:

Specific Program Requirements include

Completion of program requirements will lead to a PhD in the respective discipline (CBS, BME, CBE) with a minor in Team Leadership and Communication in the Biomedical Sciences (the full minor details are under development). This program is open to accepted, incoming first-year graduate students in CBS, BME and CBE.

For Fall 2022 admission, interested students who have applied to one of the participating graduate programs should contact CMI at