Gray Global Health


The mission of this program is to integrate basic and clinical research to investigate infectious diseases of animals and humans. Members are part of interdisciplinary teams that use the concept of “One Health” to study infectious diseases in multiple areas of interest including molecular pathogenesis, evolutionary and comparative genomics, mathematical modeling, antibiotic resistance, microbial diversity, pathogen detection, drug discovery and vaccines.  An important aim of the program is to foster collaborations and partnerships at the international level through One Health approach.


Associate Directors of Emerging and Infectious Diseases

Dr. Erin Baker (, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences

Dr. Cristina Lanzas (, Associate Professor of Infectious Disease, Population Health and Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Baker uses advanced techniques to evaluate molecules present and changing in biological and environmental systems, focusing on development of technologies which will allow for study of a greater number of samples in a shorter time span. Dr. Lanzas analyzes infectious diseases data to study transmission mechanisms, and to identify and design control measures to reduce the public health burden associated with infectious diseases. Together, Dr. Lanzas and Dr. Baker will bring their expertise to the Emerging and Infectious Diseases unit of CMI, helping to make sample study and analysis more effective across disciplines, leading to more-efficient application of discoveries




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