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The mission of this program is to integrate basic and clinical research to investigate infectious diseases of animals and humans. Members are part of multidisciplinary teams that use the concepts of “One Health” to study infectious diseases in multiple areas of interest including molecular pathogenesis, evolutionary and comparative genomics, mathematical modeling, antibiotic resistance, microbial diversity, pathogen detection, drug discovery and vaccines.  An important aim of the program is to foster collaborations and partnerships at the international level through One Health approach.



Dr. Edward Breitschwerdt (919-513-8277) and Dr. Joshua Pierce (919-513-1480) Associate Directors, CMI- EID-Emerging & Infectious Diseases

Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt and  Dr. Pierce will provide leadership to the Emerging and Infectious Disease research program and will facilitate interactions between research groups working in the areas of Host-Pathogen Interaction, Mathematical Modeling, Drug Discovery and Global Health.   A key role will be to foster collaborations between members of the Comparative Medicine Institute and other infectious diseases focused centers located in the triangle area.  Dr. Breitschwerdt’s research emphasis has been on vector-transmitted, intracellular pathogens.  Since 1984, he has supervised a biosafety level P-3 research laboratory and supervised the Tick-transmitted Diagnostic Laboratory.  Dr. Pierce employs synthetic chemistry to tackle problems in chemical biology and drug discovery. Through the development of novel reactions he aims to synthesize complex natural products and use targeted modifications to lend insight into their biological mechanism of action. Ultimately, these efforts will uncover novel drug lead compounds for further development. will lead the Drug Discovery Initiative.  Dr. Pierce also heads up the CMI Drug Discovery Initiative and the Summer Interdisciplinary Research Initiative.




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