The mission of this program is to promote innovation and translation of tissue engineered products and regenerative medicine technology.  Multidisciplinary teams focus on creation and implementation of novel biomaterials, manufacturing approaches, mechanobiology, stem cell technology,  and large animal models and will work together to translate basic findings into applications of clinical/societal applications.  The program’s mission is also to develop novel genetic approaches to augment the potency of cell therapy and tissue engineering product.


  Dr. Lauren Schnabel (919-515-7410, lvschnab@ncsu.edu) and Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker (919-515-6416, rashirwa@ncsu.edu)

Together, Dr. Lauren Schnabel and Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker will lead the Functional Tissue Engineering Program as Associate Directors.   Dr. Lauren Schnabel is an Associate Professor of Equine Orthopedic Surgery and her research emphasis is in regenerative therapies for the treatment of equine musculokeletal disorders.  Dr. Schnabel’s expertise will be complemented by Dr. Shirwaiker, an Associate Professor in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial Engineering.  He will bring knowledge in 3D Tissue Manufacturing focusing on the advancement of science and technology of scalable manufacturing of engineered tissues to products to address clinical needs.




FTE in the News

Daniele FTEDr. Michael Daniele & Dr. Fran Ligler, NC State University – “Recreating the Web of Blood Vessels That Keep Human Tissue Alive”

Two FTE Researchers, Dr. Michael Daniele from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Dr. Fran Ligler from North Carolina State University won the Edison Award from the US Naval Research Laboratory for a synthetic micro vessels patent.  They are featured in NC State News.


Dr. Ke Cheng, NC State University – “Spheroid Stem Cell Production Sows Hope for IPF Treatment”




Image by Alice Harvey

Image by Alice Harvey

Dr. Ke Cheng, NC State University – “Synthetic Stem Cells Could Offer Therapeutic Benefits, Reduced Risks”





Hydrogel Picture

Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker – NSF CAREER Award for Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker”