The mission of this program is to serve as a catalysis center for faculty with research interests in aspects of genetics and genomics relevant to comparative animal and human health and disease.  The program will foster initiatives to develop multi-disciplinary teams in companion animal personalized medicine, genotype-phenotype mapping, evolutionary and comparative genomics, bioinformatics applied to One Health and will assist with translation of basic findings into clinical/societal applications.


mackay-150x150Dr. Trudy Mackay, Associate Director, CMI- Translational Genetics & Genomics

Dr. Mackay will help catalyze collaborative research projects between CMI members with expertise in basic research and CMI members with clinical expertise, spanning model organisms and companion animals, comparative genomics and phenotype prediction from genetic and genomic data. Her expertise is dissecting the genetic and environmental bases for variation in complex traits, including animal models of human disease and complex traits. 




TGG/CMI Undergraduate Summer Internships

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