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The Keyence BZ-X810 is a fluorescence microscope for streamlined high-throughput image acquisition and batch analysis of large data sets. It supports fluorescence as well as brightfield imaging and phase contrast. The camera can be switched from monochrome to 3 CCD color mode with accurate color reproduction for histology applications. Optical sectioning in fluorescence mode is achieved by structured illumination. The system features a motorized stage, a large variety of stage inserts and comes with an incubation chamber for temperature and CO2 regulation that accommodates  a variety of vessels including 96 well plates. Please refer to the manufacturer’s webpage for a full list of capabilities and application examples. Our system comes with all hardware and software modules listed in the brochure. Details about our fluorescence filter sets and objective lenses are listed below.

Image & Video Gallery

Filter Sets


MagnificationN.A. ImmersionTypeWorking Distance
2x0.1Plan APO 8.5 mm
10x0.45Plan APO 4 mm
20x0.75Plan APO1 mm
60x1.4 oilPlan APO0.13
20x (phase)0.45Plan Fluorite LD PH8.2-6.9 mm
40x (phase)0.60Plan Fluorite LD PH3.6-2.8 mm