Please read the facility policy and contact Dr. Eva Johannes to set up an appointment.

This motorized epifluorescence workstation is equipped with:

Image Gallery

See Zeiss Axioimager gallery page


MagnificationN.A. ImmersionTypeNotes
5x0.16 dryPlan-Apochromat
10x0.45 dryPlan-Apochromat
20x0.8 dryPlan-Apochromat
40x1.2 WC-Apochromat
63x1.4 oilPlan-Apochromat


Reservation Rules

Please review these rules before reserving equipment, thank you.

Once approved to use the Zeiss Axioimager independently you can reserve time online by visiting the faces scheduling system. Log in entering your credentials. Use the “choose your schedule” pull down menu, navigate to ZEISS_AXIOIMAGER and click on your start time. Release the mouse button and click on the end time. There are currently no sign up restrictions for this resource. Please be considerate and communicate with other users of this resource if you need excessive time and/or have to cancel at short notice. Please always sign up. If you forget to do so someone else assumes the instrument is available. In case of conflict the person signed up has priority.