Please read the facility policy and contact Dr. Eva Johannes to set up an appointment.

This motorized epifluorescence workstation is equipped with:

Image Gallery

See Zeiss Axioimager gallery page


MagnificationN.A. ImmersionTypeNotes
5x0.16 dryPlan-Apochromat
10x0.45 dryPlan-Apochromat
20x0.8 dryPlan-Apochromat
40x1.2 WC-Apochromat
63x1.4 oilPlan-Apochromat


Reservation Rules

Please review these rules before reserving equipment, thank you.

Once approved to use the Zeiss Axioimager M.2 independently you can reserve time online by visiting the NC State Lab Management portal. Log in with your unity credentials. Navigate to CMIF and select Zeiss Axioimager M.2. Appointments can be canceled without charge 24 h before start time. If you need to cancel at shorter notice please send an email notification to CMIF.

Please note: The last person signed up for the day is responsible for powering the system off. If you are the last person on the schedule and do not need to use the workstation you still have to come in to switch the system off or find someone else to do it. If you ask someone by email make sure you receive confirmation.