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This microscope is ideal for multiview and long term live imaging of medium to large transparent specimen. The specimen is embedded in low melting point agarose and suspended in a medium-filled environmental chamber. A sheet of laser light is created using 2 illumination objectives that are positioned perpendicular to the detection objective. This way only a narrow plane of the specimen is illuminated. Optical sectioning is achived by moving the specimen relative to the illumination and detection optics. Images are acquired with 2 s-CMOS PCO.edge cameras.

Image & Video Gallery

See Lightsheet Z.1 Workstation gallery page

Laser lines for excitation

Filter modules

Detection objectives

Suitable specimen

Further infomation

Lightsheet Z.1 information from commercial Zeiss website
Zen lite software (Windows only)
Light Sheet Microscopy reference library (Zeiss campus website)

Reservation and Rules

Once approved to use the Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 independently you can reserve time online by visiting the NC State Lab Management portal. Log in with your unity credentials. Navigate to CMIF and select Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1.
There are currently no sign up restrictions for this resource. Please be considerate and communicate with other users of this resource if you need excessive time and/or have to cancel at short notice. Please always sign up. If you forget to do so someone else assumes the instrument is available. In case of conflict the person signed up has priority.