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The Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan is a laser scanning confocal microscope with advanced imaging capabilities offering high sensitivity with superior signal to noise ratio, spectral analysis with a 34 channel detector and the ability to monitor dynamic changes of multiple fluorophores. Modules for advanced confocal applications such as Fluorescence Energy Transfer (FRET), colocalization analysis, and Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP) are available. The multi-time plug in allows automated 3D (x,y,z) or 4 D (x,y,z,t) scans of preprogrammed locations and 3D image stitching. Funding was provided in part by the National Science Foundation (MRI-0821192) and the NCSU Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Image & Video Gallery

See confocal workstation gallery page

Laser lines for excitation

Emission windows

They can be flexibly selected with 2 flanking photomultiplier (pmt) channels and a 34 channel pmt array. The system can be opperated in lambda mode with 34 spectral detectors that collect the entire wavelength range in one scan or in channel mode with up to 10 simultaneously active detection channels that can be set as needed.

Differential interferrence contrast images

Differential interferrence contrast images can be acquired simultaneously and DIC prisms are available for all objectives except 5x.

Microscope and Accessories

The scanhead is attached to a Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 inverted microscope with motorized, programmable x,y,z stage, joystick and touch panel docking control station. A definite focus attachment corrects for focus drifts during overnight time lapse experiments. Temperature and CO2 control chambers are available.


MagnificationN.A. ImmersionTypeNotes
5x0.16 dryPlan-ApochromatOn request
10x0.45 dryPlan-Apochromat
20x0.8 dryPlan-Apochromat
25x0.8 W/oil/glycerin Plan-ApochromatOn request
40x0.75 dryPlan-NeofluarOn request
40x0.95 dryPlan-ApochromatOn request
40x1.1 WC-Apochromat
40x1.3 oilPlan-Neofluar
63x1.4 oilPlan-Apochromat
63x1.2 WC-Apochromat

Additional Resources

Check out the Zeiss educational site to learn more about objective specifications. More information about the instrument can be found on the Zeiss webpage.

Reservation Rules

Please review these rules before reserving equipment through the lab management portal.

The last person signed up for the day is responsible for powering the system off. If you are the last person on the schedule and do not need to use the confocal you still have to come in to switch the system off or find someone else to do it. If you ask someone by email make sure you receive confirmation. Leaving the confocal on overnight will result in a $50 fine.

Here are the current rules: