NC State Receives NCBiotech Grants, Startups Land Follow-on Funding and Loans

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NC State life science researchers and startups had an impressive second quarter, winning two Biotechnology Innovation Grants and receiving follow-on funding and investment from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and other sources. NCBiotech continues to support the commercialization of life science innovations developed at research institutions across the state, awarding more than $1.63 million in 18 loans and grants during the quarter ending December 31, 2015.

Two BIG awards
NCBiotech created the Biotechnology Innovation Grant (BIG) program to support studies at North Carolina research institutions that enable commercialization of early-stage university life science inventions that have significant commercial potential. NC State received two of the six BIG awards:

Hasan Jameel, Ph.D., was awarded $99,960 for optimizing a process for converting lignin and residues from pulp and paper and bio-refinery operations into renewable and environmentally friendly adhesive products.

Stephen Kelley, Ph.D., was awarded $99,951 to optimize technology for producing biofuel from low-cost agricultural and forest residues. This naturally oxygenated fuel, when blended with diesel fuel, can improve the combustion process and reduce pollutant emissions.

Follow-on funding for Agile Sciences, bioMASON
NC State startup Agile Sciences secured $832,651 in funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Spun out of NC State in 2007, Agile Sciences has received loans of $275,000 from NCBiotech, in addition to 20 other grants worth more than $5.7 million.

Originating at NC State, bioMASON closed on $1.5 million as part of an ongoing offering. The Research Triangle Park company has developed a biomanufacturing process to produce masonry products at ambient temperatures using recycled materials, thereby saving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Q2 Awards for NC State Startups and Researchers
A $75,000 Company Inception Loan for Locus Biosciences, a Raleigh bioscience startup from NC State.

A $75,000 Company Inception Loan for MAA Laboratories, a NC State startup based in Raleigh pursuing the commercialization of an anticancer drug.

A $75,000 Technology Enhancement Grant went to NC State to help in the development of a delivery system for antimicrobials.

More information on additional awards can be found at NCBiotech.