NC State Startup’s Cloud-Computing Tool Moves from the Lab to the Marketplace

Female university startup founder

It’s always exciting for scientists to see their ideas come to fruition in the lab. For NC State computer science researcher Helen Gu, that idea was a new approach to identifying and preventing cloud-computing problems. And her idea has now expanded beyond the lab, as the company she launched – InsightFinder Inc. – has now grown into an enterprise with a dozen employees, a growing client list, and a bright future.

“We are now working with 15 companies around the world that rely on cloud-computing technologies, in sectors from healthcare to finance to telecommunications,” Gu says. “Essentially, we are helping clients – from Fortune 500 companies to small startups – identify problems before they affect performance and service availability. And we not only identify the problems, but diagnose what is causing them, so that they can be addressed.”

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