NC State Startups

More than 100 companies trace their beginnings to NC State, including multinational corporations like SAS Institute and CREE. NC State’s startups, which play an important role in strengthening the economy of North Carolina and providing solutions that improve the lives of our citizens, are listed on this page.

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410 Medical Innovations

410 Medical Innovations is working to commercialize a fluid delivery method for patients during emergency situations, resulting in improvement of survival rates and quality of life for patients.
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Agile Sciences, Inc.

Agile Sciences was founded in 2007 to provide commercial solutions to industries plagued by the effects of biofilms.
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AgRenaissance Software, LLC

AgRenaissance Software’s primary product is FieldX™, an agricultural record-keeping tool for producers, agronomists, and applicators. The FieldX software suite is an easy-to-use cloud-based and mobile system to record and synchronize agricultural data.
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Air Glow has developed a large area, high density, non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma source based on a coaxially-driven VHF system. The novel plasma technology could be applied to chemical abatement, biological remediation, and surface treatments such as deposition, etching, and activation. The seed stage company has built and characterized a prototype, and a provisional patent has been filed.

Allasso Industries, Inc.

Allasso Industries was formed and organized around a strategic plan to identify, evaluate, develop, and commercialize emerging technologies that provide customers with innovative and cost effective solutions to material production and performance challenges.

AlphaVax, Inc.

AlphaVax is developing a new vaccine technology with broad applications against infectious disease, cancer and biodefense threats, which has the potential to redefine vaccines and the role they play in medicine.
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ArboVax, Inc.

ARBOVAX™, Inc. has a unique technology that modifies arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) making them unable to replicate in mammalian cells. Arbovax will leverage this technology through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to facilitate the development of a portfolio of new and improved human vaccines against the worldwide threat of arthropod-borne diseases.


ArrayXpress presents the microarray industry’s first complete, end-to-end custom solution for customers at all stages of research. ArrayXpress specializes in three main markets; Toxic Tort, Bioprocess Optimization, and Agriculture. While the tools and techniques used in all three areas are very similar, the difference is in the application of tailored approaches to the specific market needs.
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Aseptia was created in 2006 and is in the business of commercializing technologies in the food industry using novel technologies licensed from NC State. These technologies enable the production of novel food products with superior nutrition and a high level of food safety.
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Assist Equipment Development

Assist Equipment Development is developing a low-cost, wearable socket/suspension monitoring system that tracks the relative displacement between the amputees’ residual limb and their socket or pistoning through the use of magnetic sensors.
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Atmospheric Plasma Solutions (AP Solutions), Inc.

Part design firm and part OEM, AP Solutions has developed a unique portfolio of products and applications that have brought cutting-edge Atmospheric Plasma Technology to industrial and research organizations across the world.
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Atomix LLC

Doing business as “2DLayer”, Atomix produces thin, sheet material for use in the semiconductor industry. Its technology allows for controlled, scalable synthesis of large-area, high quality, atomically thin semiconductor materials in cost-effective ways.
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Augment Medical

Augment Medical is a small, biomedical engineering firm that is focused on providing innovative solutions to the augmentative and alternative communications industry.


Beacon Biotherapeutics

Beacon Biotherapeutics is working to develop a novel transgenic swine for the development of stem cell-based therapies.

Benanova, Inc.

Startup company logoBenanova has developed a cost-efficient, environmentally benign particle system (EbNPs) made of natural materials, which can leverage the functional properties of bioactive agents. This innovative, patent-pending technology can facilitate the development of highly efficient, application-customized and environmentally benign replacements for silver nanoparticle antimicrobials.
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Biocentric Media

BioCentric Media, LLC is an educational application development company specializing in secondary and post-secondary life science content.

BioMarck Pharmaceuticals

BioMarck Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of new drugs for the treatment of pulmonary diseases and disorders associated with over-secretion of mucus and inflammation.
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BioResource International, Inc.

Startup company logoBioResource International (BRI) is a North Carolina based biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of enzymes to enhance and protect animal and human health.
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BreStem, Inc.

BreStem is working to fight pulmonary fibrosis through stem cell therapy for lung regeneration. Their Autologous Lung Spheroid Cells (LSC) Therapy provides a novel process to isolate and expand a novel source of resident lung progenitors for cell-based lung regeneration, and has the potential to provide promising therapeutic treatments for pulmonary diseases involving fibrosis, degeneration, and inflammation.
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BrightLoc is working to commercialize an innovative 2-in-1 bike lock and light system that address bike safety and security.
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Catalyst Research Alliance

Catalyst Research Alliance is a marketplace for research data and software. Their mission is to provide greater access to data and software produced in leading research institutions across the world.

Catalytic and Redox Solutions

Catalytic and Redox Solutions is focused on the development of industrial technologies for converting natural gas into high value chemicals and fuels.

CellSentry, Inc.

CellSentry has created a new trust verification security platform for mobile phones and other IT platforms.

Clave Biodesign, Inc.

Clave BioDesign is focused on developing technology that enables more specific, less toxic, and less immunogenic targeting of tumor cells using cell-specific peptides. These peptides can be used for therapeutic purposes related to cancer, CVD, and ophthalmology as well as for diagnostic purposes related to imaging and biomarkers.


ClearSens is developing an optically transparent device that is able to generate directed audible sound, detect sound, recognize gestures and provide haptic feedback.
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CompletErgo, LLC

CompletErgo is the complete solution for managing a company’s office ergonomics program. It’s a web-based software solution that includes an online training module, an employee self-assessment feature, and a data management system.
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Cree, Inc.

Cree, Inc. is a market-leading innovator and manufacturer of semiconductors that enhance the value of LED solid-state lighting, power and communications products by significantly increasing their energy performance. Key to Cree’s market advantage is unrivaled materials expertise in silicon carbide (SiC) with gallium nitride (GaN) to deliver chips and packaged devices that can handle more power in a smaller space while producing less heat than other available technologies, materials and products.
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Custom Nano, Inc.

Custom Nano, Inc. manufactures gold nano-rods (GNRs) in specific lengths and aspect ratios that have desirable surface plasmon resonances. Their patented process allows synthesis of uniform, concentrated, and stable GNRs on large scales, which can be used in targeted therapies, biosensors, biomedical stents, catalysis, and security materials.


Deep Blue Medical Advances

Deep Blue Medical Advances is working to commercialize a novel surgical mesh for hernia repair.
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Demeter Biosciences

Demeter Biosciences provides novel and nutritious plankton-based feeds to the aquaculture industry and ornamental aquarium enthusiasts.
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DermiSense is developing a small, painless, zero-power microneedle platform. The platform is inserted into the skin and wicks the interstitial fluid that is located just below our skin surface. This fluid contains a multitude of molecules relevant to human biology and measuring it painlessly and continuously will enable understanding of infection, disease, nutrition, performance, and other physiological dynamics.
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Eagle Power Technologies

Eagle Power Technologies is developing 99% efficient motors and generators for aerospace applications.


EcoPRT represents a new and revolutionary way to think about transportation in urban and suburban environments. EcoPRT hopes to solve traffic congestion through its revolutionary public transportation system that is lightweight and low-cost with the smallest possible footprint that can be installed on existing rights-of-way.
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Empathic Research

Empathic Research is working to commercialize a non-addictive, plant-based alternative to opiods for pain relief.

Empire Foods

Empire Foods is a food processing company that uses technology licensed from NC State to preserve fresh, local produce, retaining up to 98 percent of their antioxidants and nutrients, making them shelf-stable for up to a year without refrigeration. There are no added sugars, preservatives or artificial flavorings.


eSionic is passionate about solving problems at energy electronics nexus. eSionic is enabling devices and systems that consume less materials, generate less waste, have longer life, operate with higher reliability, use less energy, integrate seamlessly, operate more efficiently and cost less. eSionic is doing this through the use of proprietary molecular systems.


Fabwave Labs

Fabwave Labs has developed a manufacturing search engine that allows a user to upload a 3D product model and additional contextual data to identify suitable manufacturers for production. This method enables an easy and more accurate search and also reduces search and development time.

Fathom Science

Fathom Science delivers high-resolution, high-fidelity marine environment analytics. Our industry-leading oceanographic and meteorological analyses fill gaps in existing data sets, predict future conditions, and deliver precise information to sectors such as energy, fishing, risk assessment, severe weather, ship routing, tourism, and water quality.
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Funxion Wear

Funxion Wear has developed a platform technology to fabricate flexible heating elements for wearable and other smart textiles applications in a low-cost and scalable manner. These heating elements can be integrated easily into textile structures to make heated garments or heated textile based wearable thermotherapy devices, among other applications.


Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc.

Galaxy Diagnostics combines a patented enrichment media with state-of-the-art molecular detection methods to significantly increase the odds of detecting the presence of Bartonella species bacteria in a given sample.
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Gradient Medical

Gradient Medical Inc. is an early clinical stage company developing innovative interventional oncology solutions. Gradient’s ACE therapy delivers electrical pulses engineered to target cancer cells and disrupt critical biological functions. Real time sensing gives clinicians unprecedented control over the treatment zone maximizing therapeutic effectiveness and minimizing treatment times, while adaptive energy delivery enables clinicians to address large inoperable tumors near critical structures.
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Green Future Technologies

Green Future Technologies is working to commercialize a solid state battery technology for improved safety and performance in electric vehicles.

GridBridge, Inc.

GridBridge was formed in order to offer advanced technology solutions that will modernize the electrical grid. With partner electric utilities, GridBridge will introduce and implement revolutionary products that enable the adoption of green technology, optimize electricity flow on the grid, minimize costly capital-intensive overhauls, and ensure end-user satisfaction.
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Harrison Analytic Technologies, LLC

Harrison Analytic Technologies LLC is developing the Battery Parameters/SOC/SOH Co-estimation technology to provide accurate State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) estimations for rechargeable batteries in order to make Battery Management Systems (BMS) smarter. HAT seeks to offer better accuracy and reliability, especially in Electric Vehicle (EV) industry.

HexaTech, Inc.

HexaTech Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2001, focused on developing and producing single crystalline aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates for high performance electronic and optoelectronic devices.
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HighEd Tech

HighEd Tech is working to commercialize a mobile app designed by university professors to make counseling supervision a seamless experience for students and supervisors. Supervisors and students will all have access to the same data to better evaluate and monitor student progress in one system, rather than piecing together several systems.
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HueMetrix, Inc.

HueMetrix is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is dedicated to making ‘Right First Time’ dyeing a reality through the development, production, and service of real-time dye exhaustion optimization and adaptive color control systems for textile laboratory and production environments.



ImagineOptix is commercializing a patented thin-film polarizing beamsplitter technology called HoloBrightTM.
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Indago Devices

Indago Devices is developing RFID chips based on breakthrough technology of AC powered logic circuits designed to operate at subthreshold voltages, do not require convention rectifier circuits, and can operate at RF frequencies that are higher than conventional RF-powered circuits. These RFID chips can operate at low voltages and achieve a wide voltage range of operation, while also lowering the manufacturing costs.


INDTI has developed a new, nondestructive testing method for estimating the embedded depth of pile foundations and similar structures, the estimation of which is critical in assessing foundation integrity and structural serviceability. The depth of columns drilled into soil is estimated by impacting the pile with a hammer and analyzing the complicated waveforms as they travel back and forth.

Infinity Gates

Infinity Gates is developing hardware to support artificial intelligence and Internet of Things through utilization of nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory.

InsightFinder, Inc.

InsightFinder is a cloud monitoring and system analytics tool that provides smart monitoring and predictive analysis services based on cutting-edge unsupervised machine learning technologies.
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Intelligent Campus Solutions, Inc.

Intelligent Campus Solutions’ Livitae product is designed for today’s mobile students, administrators, counselors and parents to navigate the treacherous journey from enrollment to employment with ease.

International Technology Systems Transfer (ITST), LLC

ITST is working to commercialize a novel method of carbon capture using advanced materials.

Ironwood Material Science, Inc.

Ironwood Material Science, Inc. is a medical device company focused on developing novel materials for use as bone cement and synthetic bone in dental and orthopedic applications. This technology is the result of collaborative research between NC State and UNC Chapel Hill.


J3 Technologies

J3 Technologies is working to commercialize a cost-effective method for planting certain fast-growing bio-crops in target sites to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and reuse the captured carbon to treat nutrient-impacted farmland and other contaminated sites.



Karamedica is working to expand medical and veterinary uses of biopolymer-based products, especially those containing chitosan, by developing novel decontamination processes like non-thermal plasmas. Karamedica also seeks to create innovative medical devices and drug delivery systems based on these biopolymers.
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Kyma Technologies, Inc.

Kyma produces and markets semi-conductor products related to gallium nitride (GaN), aluminum nitride (AlN), and other group III-nitride based alloys. The properties of these new materials promise to revolutionize numerous industries, particularly solid state lighting, power switching, and high temperature electronics.
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Lachancea LLC

Lachancea provides unique species of yeast to the brewing industry for brewing applications. Utilizing a species of yeast initially found in paper wasps and bumblebees and never before used in commercial beer brewing, Lachancea allows for the production of unique beers without bacteria and in record time.
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LipoScience, Inc.

The LipoScience NMR LipoProfile® test is an advanced cardiovascular diagnostic test that uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to uniquely provide rapid, simultaneous and direct measurement of LDL particle number and size of LDL particles, as well as direct measurement of HDL and VLDL subclasses.

Liquidia Technologies, Inc.

Liquidia Technologies enables high-value products in the life sciences and Materials Science through its innovative PRINT platform. This platform allows the company to design and manufacture precise nanoscale features in the form of nanoparticles and patterned films.
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Locus Biosciences, Inc.

Locus Biosciences is an emerging biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of a next generation CRISPR-Cas platform for Programmed Cell Death. Locus is advancing its platform to create therapeutics for critical disease areas ranging from resistant bacterial infections to the microbiome.
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LogicGrip is developing a virtual reality (VR) accessory that positions and temporarily locks hand controllers into an axial alignment, enabling layers to physically emulate two-handed actions in VR, which is limited in current systems.
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Lumeova, Inc.

Lumeova is working to commercialize a high-performance optical wireless technology. This technology boosts wireless data speeds ten times that of Wi-Fi and with lower power consumption.
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Lupine Materials and Technology

Lupine Materials and Technology (LMT) offers a broad range of research and development on magnetic and superconducting materials, as well as a wide range of processing and system integrations for biferroics, RF components and optical fibers as quench detection sensors.
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MAA Laboratories, Inc.

MAA Laboratories is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing novel medicines for neurological, and cardiovascular diseases. Its NanoContTM drug development platform as a broadly applicable solution for addressing a variety of drug delivery and development challenges.
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The Math Door

The Math Door (formerly known as the Learning Sciences Group) is a company that produces math-based software for K-12 school children. Their product Math-Mapper™ is an intuitive tool that shows teachers and students what needs to be learned and assesses and provides feedback on students’ progress over time.
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Mimikai is working to commercialize a DEET-free insect repellent that utilizes a a patented active ingredient extracted from wild tomato plants formed on the principles of biomimicry.
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Mlinzï Vaccines, LLC

Mlinzi Vaccines is a startup project focused on commercializing a salmonella vaccine platform whose first product will be a salmonella vaccine for poultry, which will prevent foodborne diseases by attacking the bacteria at the source, making poultry and eggs safer for human consumption.

Mulla International

Mulla International is working to commercialize a ground penetration and torque device for estimating engineering properties of soils.

Multiform Harvest

Multiform Harvest Inc. is a private company based in Seattle, Washington, which has developed a patented technology that recovers excess phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater and converts it into a premium, slow-release fertilizer. The technology allows wastewater treatment plants to meet nutrient discharge limits more cost-effectively than other technologies, and provides a sustainable, domestic supply of a diminishing world resource – phosphorus.
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Multiplex O addresses the high costs of water quality probes (which can limit the ability to use these probes to explore spatial variability in natural systems) by offering a proprietary system that can utilize one probe to acquire data regarding multiple locations within a body of water.



NanoVector is an early stage therapeutic drug company commercializing a nanoparticle targeted drug delivery system that could lead to more effective chemotherapy treatments with greatly reduced, or even eliminated, side effects.

New Fusion

New Fusion, Inc. is developing a new category of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) that have the ability to dramatically increase the operational lifetime, current efficiency, power efficiency, and external quantum efficiency of OLEDs.

NExS Software

NExS Software is developing a family of products aimed at improving business operations and productivity. Their core technology is the NExS spreadsheet engine, a highly optimized spreadsheet processing engine that interprets and processes spreadsheet formulas. This technology will allow customers to highly leverage their existing spreadsheet portfolios and knowledge base to increase productivity while significantly lowering development time and effort.
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NextGen Nano

NextGen Nano’s breakthrough polymer solar technology enables the development of solar cells that produce energy at unrivalled efficiency, at a far lower cost than existing manufacturing methods. This technology can be applied to flexible surfaces, allowing solar power to be more usable and cost effective than ever before. These polymer solar cells are also lightweight and semi-transparent and utilize earth friendly bio-polymers.
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Nine LLC

Nine LLC provides high quality research, innovative solutions and analytical services in support of design and of safe and economic operation to nuclear power and other industries. Nine LLC focuses on development, assessment and application of complex deterministic and probabilistic models for simulation of operation and accidents in support of design, licensing and operations.

Nine Oak Media, LLC

Nine Oak Media, LLC. is a multimedia educational applications company. Their first application, “Trot to Trophy”, is a mobile game with educational intent, encouraging players to learn and master the ways of the equine world that is expected to be available on the Apple platform in September 2014.


NIRSleep company logoNIRSleep is working to commercialize a wearable brian activity sensor that shines near infrared (NIR) light into the user’s forehead and measures the difference in color that scatters back. NIRSleep is initially focusing on measuring sleep with clinical accuracy outside of the clinic.
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NIRvana Sciences, Inc.

NIRvana Sciences is a technology development company focused on commercializing red and near-infrared fluorescent dyes with ultra-narrow spectrums for the advancement of multiplexing applications in medical diagnostics and imaging markets.
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Nitronex Corporation

Located near North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Nitronex creates radio frequency (RF) power transistors utilizing the world’s only commercial-grade gallium nitride (GaN) RF power semiconductor process capable of revolutionizing the performance, cost and use of mobile communications networks.
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NoviSystems, Inc.

NoviSystems builds AI systems to enable business leaders to drive effective business decisions. Their NoviLens AI Appliance product allows users to explore in real time both textual and numerical data from multiple sources in a decision management framework, allowing them to leverage their data confidently and economically to improve the efficiency of their organizations. Solutions are typically built in minutes not months, and there is no need for programming or data science expertise to use the system.
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Novocor Medical SystEMS, Inc.

Novocor Medical Systems provides solutions that help Emergency Medical Service first responders save lives. Their patent pending product, HypoCore, is an innovative rapid chilling device for inducing therapeutic hypothermia in cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury, heat stroke and heavily concussed patients to markedly improve patient survival rate. HypoCore is ready on demand. It is easily stored in ambulances, fire trucks, and helicopters. It does not require external power and is compatible with standard medical equipment.


Omega Organisms

Omega Organisms uses a biosensor platform for the accelerated discovery and manufacture of drugs, which includes the next generation of antibiotics for treating multidrug resistant bacterial infections. The biosensors can be used to identify molecules of interest to generate drug precursor compounds in a scalable, cost effective, and high-throughput manner.


Oncurie is working to create a cure for metastatic cancer through use its novel molecular radionuclide technology.
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Onda Vision Technologies

Onda Vision introduces a Safety-as-a-Service business model that leverages the IoT premise of generating high-value data using low-cost wearables. This multi-sided business model creates revenue from original data streams collected from the thousands of individual athletes.

OpenGait Prosthetics

OpenGait Prostetics is working to commercialize a full above-knee prosthetic kit that will contain all components and tools needed to fit an amputee with a full prosthetic leg. The kit contains an adjustable socket that will remove the timely casting process of current sockets and a high functioning mechanical knee.
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Origen Therapeutics, Inc.

Origen Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing product opportunities arising from the emerging field of avian transgenic animal technology. The company’s mission is to become the leading developer of a novel class human immunotherapeutics known as fully human sequence polyclonal antibodies.

Ovation Biotech, Inc.

Ovation Biotech, Inc. is an early stage company producing renewable alkanes from recycled, waste and non food raw materials such as used cooking oil. Renewable alkanes are a direct replacement for petroleum alkanes, a primary ingredient in fuels and industrial products.


People-First Tourism Inc.

People-First Tourism is a marketplace for buying and selling genuine tourism experiences. This project links entrepreneurs trying to pursue dignified and sustainable livelihoods through tourism with adventurous and conscientious tourists interested in unique off the beaten path experiences and in making positive impacts on the communities they visit.
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Permafuels, Inc

Permafuels, Inc. is a technology start-up that provides engineering solutions for sustainable energy, with a focus on the development of biofuel production processes. We are currently seeking partners for a pilot production plant capable of transforming biological fats and oils to drop-in replacements for hydrocarbon fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.
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PhotoCide Protection

PhotoCide Protection has developed a nanofibrillated cellulose material embedded with photosensitizer molecules that can act as both an antimicrobial and antiviral. The coatings can be applied to existing materials and are capable of the rapid, efficient, and low-cost sterilization of a range of infective agents.
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Physcient, Inc.

Physcient combines modern automation and unique knowledge of surgical biomechanics to develop minimally traumatic surgical devices. Physcient’s first product will be an instrument called a “thoracic retractor” used to gain surgical access for open-chest surgical procedures — lung and heart surgeries. Rather than develop complicated minimally invasive approaches, Physcient has demonstrated in pre-clinical trials that many of the advantages of minimally invasive surgeries (less pain, less trauma, improved respiratory function) can be delivered by improving the thoracic retractor.
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Plant Pathways

Plant Pathways is a plant breeding company specialized in improving crops where the value-added trait is a metabolite. They focus on food and medicinal plants to contribute to human health and well-being while reducing crops’ environmental footprint.
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Polymer Braille, Inc.

Polymer Braille is developing a tablet e-reader for the blind using a new tactile display generated from a combination of micro-robotics and electroactive polymers. This new device will offer a tremendous advancement in Braille readers, including the creation of multi-line performance capabilities and offers other tactile communication capabilities.
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Precision Diagnostics, Inc.

Precision Diagnostics, Inc. was formed for the sales and distribution of medical devices and diagnostic testing. Precision Diagnostics has now licensed through NC State University the rights to manufacture and distribute PrecisiBand products.

Premitec, Inc.

With a mission to assist companies in new product development by providing complete microfabrication design, development, prototyping, testing, and initial manufacturing of advanced medical sensor systems and devices based on micro and nano-technologies, Premitec, Inc. was Founded in July of 1999 as a spin-off from the Biomedical Microsensors Laboratory (BMMSL) and the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Materials (CAMP-M) at NC State.

PXIX Technologies

PXIX Technologies produces high quality gold nanorods that can be scaled to large volumes and can be used for drug delivery, as markers, chemical catalysts, and for small-scale heaters. As the demand for gold nanorods increases, the current suppliers of gold nanorods are unable to supply high quality nanorods in a cost-efficient manner, which results in frustration for the many researchers across the country and world, looking into this promising technology. PXIX Technology aims to be the premier supplier of gold nanorods with the ability to produce specialized orders, along with added functionality.


Q-Carbon LLC

Q-Carbon is working to commercialize a technology that enables the creation of single diamond/boron nitride crystalline layers for more efficient high-power machining.

Quantum Logic Devices

Quantum Logic Devices was incorporated in September 2000 to provide faster, smarter, less expensive tools for drug research and medical diagnostic applications. Over the last six years the company has developed its core technology, based on single electron devices, into a platform with the ability to electronically detect single molecules of DNA or a single antigen in a simple, rapid, and highly specific assay without fluorescent labels.


RiboWiz Scientific, Inc.

RiboWiz offers customized services and web-based software licensing to maximize recombinant protein production, e.g. biologics, vaccines, antibodies, enzymes, and organic pesticides, for life science companies. RiboWiz’s mission is to help clients successfully produce high-value, complicated recombinant proteins faster through novel gene design manipulations for the advancement of medicine and biotechnology.
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Rise Therapeutics

Rise Therapeutics is focused on developing targeted immunological-based biologics using a unique and proprietary oral delivery platform.
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RJL Interactive, LLC

“Drug2Market” is a computer simulation gaming program that allows users to select a biological drug and then make all the decisions required to commercialize the drug including process development, manufacture of clinical trial material, clinical trials, outsourcing, etc.


RxMaker uses remotely sensed imagery combined with artificial intelligence to create soil fertility zone maps and predict soil nutrient levels to drive selection of crops, crop varieties, fertilizer nutrients, soil amendments, and biological products, as well as their respective application rates to agricultural production fields.
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Sanctuary Systems LLC

Sanctuary Systems produces environmentally-conscious products based on fiber technology. Focusing on non-woven fabric and fiber production that is both economical and environmental, its products include degradable bags, durable high-tech wipes, and filtration media.
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Scientific Organizational Solutions, LLC

Scientific Organizational Solutions, LLC was founded as a collaboration among Drs. Bart Craig, Adam Meade, and Mark Wilson. After years of working as faculty colleagues in the doctoral Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at NC State, the three formed SOS, LLC to collaborate in organizational settings. Scientific Organizational Solutions, LLC is currently pursuing the commercialization of a novel psychometric personality testing software application called PerSight™ that is more difficult to fake, and can be offered much faster.
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Sentinel Biomedical

Sentinel Biomedical Inc. is developing an early bladder cancer detection system for dogs that is also aimed at helping humans. Their research is focused on investigating the molecular basis of canine cancers and the identification of potential environmental influences that may be shared with human cancers.
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SinnovaTek specializes in the implementation of advanced thermal and continuous flow pasteurization and sterilization systems generating shelf stable products, requiring no freezing or refrigeration during transport, storage and distribution.
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SinnoVita is focused on developing software solutions to accurately predict and maximize protein production for life-science companies.
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Sirga Advanced Biopharma

Sirga Advanced Biopharma, SirgaAB, is an early-phase drug discovery company with unique experience, and proprietary technologies and targets. SirgaAB focuses on novel targets of drug -resistant pathogens (bacterial, fungal and viral) and human diseases in developing new medicines for difficult human health problems. SirgaAB specializes in targets that are difficult for the pathogenic organism to alter, thus reducing the potential for further drug resistance, and in targets that alter human gene expression.
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Smart Material Solutions, Inc.

Smart Material Solutions, Inc., expertise includes smart materials, prototype development, and precision engineering. Their goal is to develop and commercialize Nanocoining – a scalable and cost-effective nanofabrication process that can create anti-reflective and self-cleaning surfaces for windows, solar cells, or electronics displays.
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SolarAmp LLC is an R&D company focused on renewable energy solutions. Specifically, SolarAmp is focused on providing a very cost-effective photovoltaic (PV) module for solar cells.


Sonovascular is working to commercialize a next-generation pharmacomechanical device that effectively removes blood clots while significantly reducing treatment times, thrombolytic drug use, and hospital costs with a highly differentiated peripheral vascular thrombectomy device.


StageGates is poised to set a new benchmark for university innovation management through a proprietary curation and navigational SaaS tool. Their StageGate platform will employ established commercialization best practices and utilize best in class support, enabling innovators to efficiently reach commercialization through integrated advisor, investor and customer connectivity.

Statera Environmental Inc.

Statera offers a unique passive sampling exposure assessment technology that provides an unprecedented comprehensive picture of chemical exposure. Statera also provides related professional services needed to properly design exposure and risk assessment studies, analyze and interpret chemical and toxicological data, and make informed decisions that are scientifically defensible.
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STEM Teacher Learning

STEM Teacher Learning provides professional development for Technology Education teachers through the use of cyberinfrastructure and the world wide web to significantly enhance the delivery and quality of professional development for grades 6-12 engineering, technology, and design educators.
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Stitch Partners

Stitch Partners is working to commercialize a textile that rapidly absorbs continuous smoke and its particulates in a confined space where venting is not possible.
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Stoa Collective

Stoa Collective leverages an internet connected SMS Broker Platform which brokers communications from a system to people connected by any combination of web, email, and SMS (texting). It is capable of reaching the previously unconnected people around the globe and enables them to engage with internet web services and execute transactions using only a simple flip phone. This system enables organizations, companies and governments to communicate with and conduct business with those who have thus far remained disconnected from modern information systems and markets.

Synoxa Sciences

Synoxa Sciences Company LogoSynoxa Sciences is a discovery-stage startup company working to develop novel small molecule antibiotics that are effective against multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.
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Tech Transfer Funders

TechTransfer Funders LLC is working to commericalize a technology that utilizes lignin in newtork and high-performance polymer applications.


Startup company logo

Tethis, Inc., a Raleigh-based startup materials company, is seeking to commercialize a groundbreaking new material that has the ability to chemically remove salt and minerals from industrial and naturally occurring brines. The material, Tethex, is a biodegradable foam licensed from NC State that binds with dissolved salts, minerals, and other materials, allowing them to be physically removed from waste water.
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Teveri’s wires and proprietary interconnects allow seamless integration of electronics in athletic apparel. Without conductive coatings, wires, or bulky electronics, these systems are reliable, stretchable, and washable.
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TextileScents, LLC

TextileScents is seeking to commercialize novel technologies for infusing aromas into textile products. Their key innovation involves an herb infused bag that regenerates aromatherapy socks via a conventional clothes dryer.

Theia Medical

Theia Medical is developing an ocular injection device that increases the efficacy of therapeutic interventions provides a safe and reliable treatment option.

Thermalytics, LLC

ThermaLytics is a technology company dedicated to development, integration and commercialization of innovative, multi-functional and robust devices, instruments, software and logistics for measurement, monitoring and validation of continuous flow processes in food, bioprocessing and other industries, with a special focus on monitoring continuous flow of multiphase and solid particulate-containing products.
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Thermo-Flex Technologies, Inc.

Thermo-Flex Technologies has commercialized a Thermoelectric Textile that harnesses wasted heat to generate electricity, improving energy efficiency and realizing cost savings. Compared to current thermoelectric technologies, the Thermoelectric Textile can universally integrate with current industrial or commercial sources of waste heat and is also economical with current textile and printing manufacturing.
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Third Floor Materials

Third Floor Materials is developing next generation infrared optoelectronic materials and devices. Based on materials and techniques first developed at North Carolina State University, the company is developing and commercializing a technology for algorithmic infrared spectroscopy and optical components for specialized IR applications.
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Tissue Analytica

Tissue Analytica is a spin-off company from North Carolina State University created to provide business analytics support to the hygiene tissue industry. It tests 95% of the retail hygiene tissue market annually, decoding types of fibers, manufacturing technologies and linking those to product properties and consumer tastes to support better decision making in the hygiene tissue industry.
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Trana Discovery, Inc.

Trana Discovery is a drug discovery company whose technology identifies compounds that interrupt the lifecycle of pathogens through a novel mechanism of action – the inhibition of transfer RNA (tRNA). The company enables exclusive rights to new classes of drugs used to treat serious bacterial, fungal and viral infectious diseases.
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TreeCo is working to revolutionize the forestry industry by combining insights from tree genetics with the power of genome editing.

TriboFilm Research, Inc.

TriboFilm Research, Inc. based in Raleigh, NC, is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial research incubator with material scientists, chemists and engineers from diverse industries including medical devices, semiconductor materials processing, and polymer & textile chemistry.
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Vadum, Inc.

Vadum, Inc. is an RF systems engineering and design company that provides innovative solutions in advancing the state-of-the-art in the Radio Frequency Measurement and Signatures Intelligence (RF MASINT) discipline.
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VeriQ, Inc.

It is estimated that many of the oligonucleotides used to manufacture microarrays suffer from quality control issues, resulting in unreliable performance. VeriQ Inc. (Proteome Sciences PLC) is developing technology for quality control applications in the synthetic oligonucleotide production of RNA, DNA, RNAi, siRNA and microarray technology.
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Vector Textiles

Vector Textiles company logoVector Textiles offers research, testing, and consulting centered around insect bite protection. Vector Textiles is protecting people from mosquito bites and vector borne disease through bite resistant textiles without chemicals so that protection is sustainable, free of chemical exposure and comfortable.
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VERSA is an active-wear brand that consists of a patented design technology in its bottom-weight fabric. This liner consists of three parts, the exterior fabric shell, a polyurethane plastic layer, backed with a non-woven batt of polyester and a cotton topical layer, closest to skin to help with wick-fastness and comfort in the times you need it most. VERSA is a collaborative space, with the intentions of being local, all while promising great fit and style for the regular athlete or your regular on-the-go mother.


VitalFlo is a digital health company redefining the standard of care for asthma management. VitalFlo’s low cost, handheld spirometer provides population-level insights to providers, diagnostic support to physicians, and actionable recommendations to patients.
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WebAssign unlocks the door to a new way of teaching – to a classroom without walls, where time is no longer a boundary and record keeping is not a constraint. Our unparalleled homework delivery system harnesses the power of the Internet and puts it to work for instructors.
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Wright Foods

Wright Foods is a state-of-the-art aseptic food processing company capable of creating food products unmatched by any other food producer in the world. As the technology leader in shelf-stable food processing, Wright Foods has the experience to produce customized products to fit customers specifications, from concept to plate.
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Wskin, Inc.

Wskin, Inc. is working to commercialize a microneedle patch for the treatment of acne and the promotion of hair growth.


Xanofi, Inc.

Xanofi, Inc. is developing Shear Multiplying (TM) – a novel method for producing nanofibers with a wet-spinning technique. Shear Multiplying produces high yields at low cost and features the ability to integrate additives to create functional, unique fibers.

Xollent Biotech

Xollent Biotech is a biopharmaceutical startup company that is developing a platform stem cell therapy for tissue regeneration. Through its targeted delivery of biodegradeable stem cell microparticles, Xollent’s technology facilities healing and promotes tissue regeneration at the site of an injury.
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Yamco LLC is a food processing company formed by seven North Carolina agribusiness growers who collectively produce and manage a substantial portion of North Carolina’s sweet potato crop. Yamco is focused on sustainability by utilizing 100% of crops, while producing purees with high color, flavor and nutritional value retention without additives or preservatives.
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Yield10 Bioscience

Yield10 Bioscience is an agricultural bioscience company focusing on new agricultural biotechnology approaches to improve fundamental elements of plant metabolism through enhanced photosynthetic efficiency and directed carbon utilization. Yield10 is working to develop, validate and commercialize new traits and identify gene editing targets in several key crops including canola, soybean and corn.
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ZettaCore is focused on molecular memory applications. Their technology aims to lead to significant advances in memory capability, playing a key role in new generations of electronic devices, both large and small.


ZenCapsule Inc is dedicated to developing innovative drug delivery systems that enhance cancer immunotherapy. These systems include injectable biodegradable gels, microneedle patches, and platelets engineered for targeted delivery. Targeted delivery of checkpoint inhibitors, chemotherapeutic agents, and vaccine antigens to the tumor promotes activation of the immune system, which induces tumor regression.
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Zenomics is a company dedicated to developing innovative drug delivery systems that enhance health and improve quality of life. The company focuses on the development of the transformative glucose-responsive insulin delivery devices for intelligently controlling release of insulin and regulating blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.
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