Nanci M. McInnes

Diligence & IP Compliance Specialist

Nanci M. McInnes provides support to the Assistant Director of Operations and Strategy. Within her role, Nanci manages the full spectrum of federal reporting under the 1980 Bayh-Dole Act. She also steps in to assist with oversight of licensee reports and royalty payments when needed. In addition, Nanci also helps maintain the quality and integrity of the department’s data.

Nanci has a BS in Paralegal Studies from Kaplan University and graduated from Lubbock Christian University with a MS in Human Services. She has a background of almost 20 years in private industry paralegal work, where she focused primarily in the areas of workers’ compensation and civil litigation.

In addition to her work at NC State, Nanci also works evenings as an educational Spanish Interpreter for Wake County Public Schools. She also enjoys working as a freelance educational and social justice Spanish Interpreter and translator throughout Wake County. Outside of work, Nanci enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time outdoors with family and friends.

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