University leadership continues to monitor worldwide COVID-19 disease-related developments. Important information and updates for the broader campus are provided through NC State’s Coronavirus Response website. Faculty and staff can find a list of general frequently asked questions here.

Vice Chancellor Mladen Vouk released a memo on 5/8/20 about the university’s phased-in research restart efforts that began 5/18/20. Colleges will approve which projects are appropriate for restart. In the first phase of research restart, research spaces will not be allowed to be occupied beyond 35% of capacity, with a minimum of 250 square feet per occupant. We are providing guidance on how to manage disruptions to normal research operations resulting from the precautions (including recommended physical distancing and reduced facility access) taken to avoid widespread COVID-19 communal transmissions. We have gathered some information below to assist in planning.

Requests involving non-NC State individuals in on-campus work will require a separate research exception request.

Office of Research and Innovation

  • Faculty, students and staff must be designated mandatory to return to campus in phase I of research restart.
  • Environmental Health and Safety have prepared a restart checklist.
  • Face coverings or masks are required in research spaces on campus. Face covering request form.
  • The Facilities Division has created a video about how to correctly wear a face mask or covering.
  • If an NC State employee observes something that compromises the health and well-being of themselves or others, they can make an anonymous report using the university’s Ethics Point hotline.
  • Environmental Health and Safety have created a guide for supervisors of employees that have tested positive or presumed sick.
  • Employees that have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should use the self-reporting tool.
  • Printable resources for posting in facilities to help inform occupants around safe movement and best practices.
  • Contact Facilities to install plexiglass barriers where necessary.

  • Visit the EHS site for continually updated information about lab safety.
  • How to clean and disinfect your work area
  • Use increased cleaning and disinfection of workspaces and high-touch locations.
  • Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.
  • Maintain physical distance: stay at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Individual workstations and materials are not to be shared and should be wiped down daily by employee.
  • Reduce time on campus to eliminate eating and other potentially exposing behaviors.
  • Computation and analysis work should be done remotely.
  • Use caution in elevators and other tight spaces. Allow stairwells, passages and elevators to clear before use.
  • If working between 10 pm and 4 am you can request an escort to an on-campus location, call 919-515-3000 or use a Blue Light Emergency Phone found at many locations across campus.
  • For direct assistance by phone – Ken Kretchman – 919-515-6860 or 919-795-1416 and Amy Orders 919-515-5208 or 919-795-1129.
  • For direct assistance by email –
  • Online Question Submission

All communications with external sponsors regarding project impacts from COVID-19 must be coordinated with the Sponsored Research office. Proposed communications should be routed through your college research central office representative and then through SPARCS per usual business practice for review.

NC State University Libraries is an integral part of the university’s academic continuity plans, and committed to providing the best possible services during this time. Robust online collections and services will remain available, and electronic delivery of textbook content and reserve materials to users in off-site locations will be provided. Research consultation services, teaching and research support, and instructional programs are moving to an online model.

Research-Related Questions During COVID-19 Response