University leadership continues to monitor worldwide COVID-19 disease-related developments. Important information and updates for the broader campus are provided through NC State’s Coronavirus Response website. Faculty and staff can find a list of general frequently asked questions here.

Vice Chancellor Mladen Vouk and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Warwick Arden released a memo on 3/18/20 about the university’s current operating conditions. NC State has now moved from accepting critical research exception requests to accepting COVID-19 resources and equipment requests. To submit these requests, please use this form. If you have questions about this process beyond the form request, please email: To submit research delivery exception requests, please refer to the information in this memo.

We are providing guidance on how to prepare for disruptions to normal research operations that will result from the precautions (including recommended social distancing and reduced facility access) taken to avoid widespread COVID-19 communal transmissions. University research services will be impacted, and units should develop plans for the continuity of operations for laboratory and research facilities. We have gathered some information below to assist in planning.

Research and Innovation units continue to provide critical services. Contact staff via email with inquiries.

Keep in Mind

  • Core facilities and other fee-for-service resources will not be fully functional.
  • Support from facilities staff and contract service providers will be delayed.
  • Ordering and receipt of critical supplies may be delayed.

All NC State Shared Core Research Facilities will remain operational only for essential research activities, particularly those in support of activities focused on COVID-19 intervention. Each facility has implemented new procedures to optimize staff and user safety to mitigate the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact the Director or lab manager of the facility to learn more about these procedures.

The Research Compliance units (IRB, IACUC, Export Controls, COI/NOI, Responsible Conduct of Research) are all open and operating online. Please follow all existing procedures for the use of online tools for the submission of protocols and disclosures. Both the IACUC and IRB committees will continue their monthly meetings online for the required approvals.

  • IACUC Office is continuing operations.
  • Submit protocols and amendments online following current procedures.
  • The IACUC committee will continue to meet virtually following their normal schedule.
  • To ensure proper coverage and care for animals used under approved protocols, please coordinate with the Facility Manager/ Liaison for animal acquisition and housing support prior to starting any study work during this time period.

  • It is our expectation that you minimize in-person contact with research participants and follow all precautions as recommended by NC State University, the CDC, and the WHO. Please do not increase risk of infection to participants by implementing non-critical health-related research procedures.
  • The IRB office is continuing operations including virtual monthly Full Board Meetings, the best way to contact them is via email.
  • Submit protocols and amendments online following current procedures.
  • The IRB committee will continue to meet virtually following their normal schedule.
  • Please follow guidance from the CDC and the WHO
  • If your study is sponsored by NSF or NIH, please follow their guidance.
  • For up to date information, resources, and online training opportunities, please go to the NC State University IRB Website.

For information about amending your protocol to continue virtual research activities and submitting new protocols to the IRB please find additional information may be found here.

All communications with external sponsors regarding project impacts from COVID-19 must be coordinated with the Sponsored Research office. Proposed communications should be routed through your college research central office representative and then through SPARCS per usual business practice for review.

The Proposal Development Unit (PDU) continues to operate under current university conditions.  The PDU will continue to support proposals that have been agreed to and are in process; however, workshops and events will be held remotely. Inquiries from faculty requesting support for new proposals should be submitted via the PDU portal.

Research and Innovation’s expectation is that it will maintain funding commitments, including internal seed-funding programs. We will continually reevaluate such programs as necessary and keep the campus community updated.

NC State University Libraries is an integral part of the university’s academic continuity plans, and committed to providing the best possible services during this time. Robust online collections and services will remain available, and electronic delivery of textbook content and reserve materials to users in off-site locations will be provided. Research consultation services, teaching and research support, and instructional programs are moving to an online model.

  • Effective immediately and until further notice, only mandatory employees who need to report to work on campus should do so. All non-mandatory employees – including temporary employees and student workers – will continue to be assigned work, with supervisor approval, and will be expected to work remotely to the fullest extent possible. Remote work should follow the current telecommuting guidelines for that unit. Teleworking assignments do not change the conditions of employment or required compliance with policies and rules. Such assignments can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the university. Please refer to the university’s social distancing and alternative work guidelines for further details regarding the university’s alternative work guidelines during a public health emergency.
  • Managers do have the flexibility to designate their SHRA and EHRA staff as mandatory for a temporary duration. Supervisors, in conjunction with their unit HR office, should complete the Temporary Designation of Mandatory Status Form. Completing the form serves as documentation of this temporary status change and allows card access changes for buildings as needed. Management must notify employees of their temporary mandatory designation and the requirement to report for or remain at work in emergency situations, or to work from home or other alternative location as deemed appropriate.
  • Visiting Scientist requests will continue to be processed as usual, but we suggest host scientists from NC State review the predicted time frame of visit and adjust their dates accordingly.

Research-Related Questions During COVID-19 Response