Interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes are one catalyst for bringing different disciplines together to discover new knowledge, often through the use of data science. The NC State Centers, Institutes and labs that conduct research on or employ data science are listed below.



Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS)

LAS is a translational research lab focused on the development of new analytic technology and analysis tradecraft. The new technologies focus on understanding the underlying scientific principles and analytics required to meet the complex and dynamic challenges presented by “Big Data.” The new tradecraft focuses on discovering, understanding, and enhancing critical aspects of intelligence analysis.


Laboratory for Science of Technologies for End-to-End Enablement of Data (STEED)

STEED provides technologies and tools for bridging the time gap between the acquisition of data, on the one hand, and real-time and long-term strategic and tactical decision making.  STEED enables the opening of new application domains through innovative methods in structuring and transforming data.  For more information, see STEED.