Dr. Casey Dietrich (with W. Christopher Lenhardt, RENCI)

Developing a comprehensive understanding of the complex dynamics of natural hazards and risks and societal impacts requires an interdisciplinary scientific approach, particularly when incorporating predictions about climate and climate impacts on both the hazards and their consequences. These types of research must incorporate large amounts of data from disparate sources and in a variety of formats and volume scales. In addition, researchers need well‐behaved and well‐documented data layers, reuseable analytics capabilities,and verifiable results, all in a data and analytics environment that is robust, flexible, and accessible across multiple research institutions. Researchers must also integrate these data with, and run, complex models of the systems being studied.

Of particular interest is how very different data types can co‐exist in a common, connected infrastructure to support science data analytics and computation‐based science. Previous NCDSA ROI funding has established a federated data management system using iRODS to seamlessly connect storage systems between UNC‐Charlotte, NCSU, and UNC/RENCI. We propose to develop the NCDSA Risk Analytics Discovery Environment (RADE) for North Carolina researchers. The discovery environment provides the middlewarebetween the cyberinfrastructure technology and end‐users, a space that is seldom addressed by researchers, but is essential for sustainable, reproducible, and multi/interdisciplinary research. The research team includes a professional software and web‐interface developer, experienced project management, graduate students at the three NCDSA academic institutions, and research expertise in the chosen risk‐focused topics.

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