NC State is a member of the The National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS), a public-private partnership founded by the Renaissance Computing Initiative at UNC-Chapel Hill. NCDS is designed to help academia, industry and government address the big data challenges of the 21st century and beyond.   The goals of the NCDS are:

  • Engage a broad community of data science experts to identify key data science challenges.
  • Coordinate data science research priorities and encourage research that spans industry, academia, and government.
  • Facilitate the development of data science education programs to train a new generation of data experts.

The Consortium also sponsors a variety of programs and initiatives:

  • The Data Science Faculty Fellows program provides seed grants to innovative early-career researchers at NCDS academic member institutions.
  • NCDS Working Groups provide members with opportunities to explore specific data topics in depth over a period of time with a collection of industry and academic thought leaders.
  • The NCDS Data Matters Short Course Series helps scientists, business managers, and government officials better understand the field of data science and provides practical skills to apply in their organizations.
  • The NCDS Data Observatory is a diverse repository of very large data sets for NCDS members to use and share in support of the mission to advance data science. The Observatory offers a place for those interested in the science of data to form a community to exchange tools, approaches, data and other relevant information.

For more information about the National Consortium for Data Science, please visit