NC State’s mission is to solve real problems in the real world. With a focus on research that is powerful and transformational, the University has launched more than 100 startup companies and 270 products, creating more than 6,500 jobs.There’s LipoProfile®, a blood test clinically proven more effective at predicting heart disease risk than cholesterol tests. The work of Dr. Damian Shea, who is heading up a US Department of Interior study on climate change and its impact on our economy. And Dr. Afsaneh Rabiei, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, who is designing a composite metal foam solution.

Then there are the students … winners of the National Innovation Prize for HydrEYECorneOasis Contact Lens, which aids people with disabilities in the workplace. Josh Whiton, the founder of TransLoc, an application that allows transit operators and riders to actually see where their rides are as they wait. And let’s not forget about DiscoverLit, a “novel” startup that is being supported by the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund.

Read more about the work our faculty, researchers, scholars and students are focused on in the areas of health and well being, educational innovation, energy and the environment, and safety and security. It’s the work of the future, and work that will make our world a better place.