Career Panel in Risk Science | GES Colloquium

January 28, 2020 | Patti Mulligan

Are you interested in pursuing a career in risk science? If so, please join us to hear from 5 panelists who represent a range of careers in various aspects of risk, including: assessment, communication, governance, and management. ...

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NASEM Sackler SciComm: The promise and perils of gene drives

January 15, 2019 | Patti Mulligan

In November of 2017, an interdisciplinary panel discussed the complexities of gene drive applications as part of the third Sackler Colloquium on “The Science of Science Communication.” This paper builds on the ideas and conversations from the session to provide a more nuanced discussion about the context surrounding responsible communication and decision-making for cases of post-normal science. Deciding to use gene drives to control and suppress pests will involve more than a technical assessment of the risks involved, and responsible decision-making regarding their use will require concerted efforts from multiple actors....

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Christopher Cummings – ‘Vaccine Attitudes and Misperceptions’

October 2, 2018 | Patti Mulligan

10/2 Speaker: Christopher Cummings | Abstract: "Vaccines are among the most effective disease prevention tools. Vaccines provide first-line disease prevention and are one of the most cost-effective initiatives to improve public health. While virtually all medical practitioners agree that vaccines are greatly beneficial, there are widespread reports of uncertainty and skepticism regarding vaccine efficacy, side effects, and information needs across traditional and new media. This reflects the obfuscated perspective held by many members of the public who note considerable concern when it comes to making immunization decisions. Additionally, immunization rates remain substandard for many diseases around the world and the literature investigating vaccine reluctance signals a pressing need to improve health literacies and health communication in order to dispel vaccine myths and promote immunization uptake around the world."...

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Funders respond to NASEM Gene Drive study

December 1, 2017 | Patti Mulligan

Funders of the National Academy of Sciences consensus study Gene Drives on the Horizon (2016) have published a response to the report in the December 2017 issue of Science.  The study summarized "current understanding of the scientific discoveries related to gene drives and their accompanying ethical, legal, and social implications," and was co-authored by Dr. Jason Delborne, associate professor of science, policy and society in the College of Natural Resources and executive committee member of the GES Center....

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