June 12, 2020

Phase II: Walk-up access to the 500 MHz NEO in DAB17 (beginning June 15, 2020).

Users are strongly encouraged to continue to submit samples, and only use walk up service when absolutely necessary to limit potential exposure. Submitted samples will be run primarily on the 600 MHz NEO in Polk 50 to maintain availability of the 500 MHz NEO for walkup access.

Daily Cleaning of DAB17 by METRIC NMR staff: 70% EtOH will be sprayed on all workstation and working areas at the beginning and the end of every working day (M-F).

  1. Access DAB17
    Users will access the 500 MHz NEO using keycard access through DAB17A (as we did during construction projects). Room occupancy is limited to one individual and a reversible sign labeled as “occupied” and “unoccupied” will be on the door. Users need to use the sign accordingly when entering and exiting DAB17A, and log entrance and exit times using the displayed QR scan code, which is linked to a Google Form. Access to DAB18 from DAB17 is not permitted except in cases of emergency. Signage and physical barriers will be in place to restrict access.
  2. Designate Super User(s)
    Each research group can nominate one representative per every four researchers as their lab’s NMR super user(s). Only the superusers will have access to the 500 MHz NEO for walk-up service and will be responsible for setting up the NMR experiments for themselves and the 3 additional researchers he/she represents. Each PI should submit their superuser’s NAME(s) and University ID number(s) to Allison Stewart (akstewar@ncsu.edu) so we can provide keycard access.
  3. PPE requirement to access DAB17
    NMR users are required to wear proper PPE, including a face mask and fresh gloves, at all times while in DAB17. Don clean gloves before touching anything in the lab, spray the keyboard and mouse with 70% EtOH before and after running the spectrometer, and dispose of gloves properly after exiting.
  4. Follow the schedule on MENDIX
    Superusers must come alone and only within the scheduled times that they reserved on MENDIX. Do not share you University ID with lab mates to allow them access.
  5. Violations
    Users found violating these rules will lose walkup access. However, they will still be able to submit samples to be run by METRIC staff.

May 22, 2020

Dear NMR users,

METRIC will resume limited research activities on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. During Phase I of this process, the goal is to reach 35% of functional capacity over the coming weeks while ensuring the safety of the University community. Limited on-site staff and instrument accessibility necessitates significant changes to the operational procedures of the NMR facilities. In consultation with the Office of Research and Innovation, the following policies have been developed for Phase I re-opening.

All projects must be approved to resume by relevant Department/College/University entities prior to submitting samples.

Facility Access
During Phase I, we need to limit foot traffic and contact with high-touch surfaces to minimize the potential for cross-contamination. With the health of our users and staff in mind, METRIC scientists will now collect all data for users and no direct access to NMR laboratories will be permitted. We realize that “walk-up” service is important, but we cannot accommodate that need under the Phase 1 operational guidelines. We will continue to work to make that service available as soon as possible. External users are not permitted to access campus buildings. All users that were previously trained for self-use will continue to be charged at the self-use rate.

Sample Submission
Users should continue to utilize the MENDIX Lab Management Portal for sample submission. Samples will be accepted beginning Tuesday, May 26, and three drop sites have been established:

Dabney 23 – Internal North Campus users
Room 302, Partners III – Internal Centennial Campus users
Polk Courtyard – External users (not permitted in campus buildings during Phase 1; please coordinate your drop-off with staff)

Please disinfect your samples upon submission using available supplies, observe social distancing guidelines, and use appropriate PPE at these drop sites.

Users will be able to specify the parameters of their experiments and secure their position in the queue using a new sample submission form:


This consists primarily of the information you would enter into Topspin and will be used to script the autosampler runs. Please note you will also need your MENDIX order number to submit. We have created a short video explaining how to submit your samples in MENDIX and fill out this form, which can be accessed here.

Samples will be collected and loaded on instruments no earlier than 11 AM M-F at Dabney 23 and W-F at Partners III, with samples run in the order that that they were received.

Due to the close contact needed, all training activities will be suspended during Phase I of the re-start.

Consultation Requests
During the Phase 1 restart process, staff availability will be very limited and detailed consultations will not be possible. However, we will continue to provide “Letters of Support” for grant applications. Please submit your request through the MENDIX Lab Management Portal.

We appreciate your patience during these difficult circumstances. Please bear in mind, overall capacity in the facility will be significantly reduced. We will endeavor to meet your immediate needs as quickly as possible, but there are likely to be delays. With everyone’s cooperation, we hope to transition through Phase I in a timely fashion.

Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.

Jennifer Sun and Peter Thompson