As the University begins a phased restart of research activities, METRIC will begin providing limited services to our users.  We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure the provision of PPE for our staff and implement new protocols to track occupancy and provide a safe work environment.

METRIC is only permitted to facilitate research that has been approved at the departmental level for re-start during Phase I. 

Below are some preliminary guidelines for accessing METRIC space and services that will begin May 26, 2020.


METRIC Services Available During Phase I of Restart

Trained users will not be allowed to access METRIC instrumentation due to the large numbers of people entering and exiting the facility.

METRIC scientists will now collect all data for approved projects of a reasonable sample size, but this will be charged at the self-use rate.

Card access to METRIC rooms in Dabney Hall and Polk Hall will be restricted to METRIC Staff.

METRIC will not be providing new training to users during the Phase I limited restart.

METRIC will not be able to accommodate new consultation requests due to the fact we have to re-start the METRIC research laboratories and that we have numerous projects in the queue that we need to complete over the coming months that were halted due to the shutdown.

METRIC has a new Letter of Support (LOS) request form in the MENDIX Lab Management portal. If you are writing a proposal and need a LOS, consultation on a budget for your project, and/or the facilities and resources documentation, please go to  to access the form.


METRIC Sample Submission

NMR, MS and X-ray sample submission requests should continue to be submitted via the MENDIX Lab Management Portal (

All METRIC spaces will be under strict occupancy and social distancing rules.  Please note and obey all posted signage when submitting samples, disinfect your samples upon submission using available supplies, observe social distancing guidelines and use appropriate PPE at these drop sites.

Links are provided in order to stay up to date on sample submission policies a for each platform as we progress to future phases of re-opening.

Detailed instructions for NMR sample submission during Phase I can be found at:

Detailed instructions for MS sample submission during Phase I can be found at:

Detailed instructions for X-ray sample submission during Phase I can be found at:


Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns at