Basic Policies for Use of the METRIC Magnetic Resonance Facility

  1. Users must follow the rules below for reservable time blocks on the instruments.#

  1. Daytime is from 8 AM to 7 PM. Nighttime runs from 7 PM to 8 AM.
  2. The 600 MHz instrument (Polk 50) is automated – note that the instrument prep time is ~5 min per sample,* which must be taken into consideration for the reservation, in addition to the requested data acquisition time. Users should reserve sufficient time for the instrument prep and data acquisition.
  3. Tubes must be removed from the autosamplers in a timely fashion. Tubes left at 4 pm two days after the sample was run will be removed and placed in a recycle bin.  Users should make arrangements to pick up tubes in a timely fashion.
  4. Care should be taken with samples. If a user breaks a sample on the floor, they are responsible for cleanup, which may need to be coordinated with EHS.
  5. Violations of these policies will result in the following actions:
    1. 1st violation: User and PI will be notified of the violation and reminded of the MR facility’s policies.
    2. 2nd violation: User will lose self-access privileges for 1 week and must use sample submission to obtain MR data.
    3. 3rd violation: User will lose self-access privileges for no less than 6 months and must use sample submission to obtain MR data.
  6. In the event of damage to the MR equipment through misuse or negligence of a user, the user’s PI is responsible covering the cost of repairs.

# We are in the enviable position of an abundance of NMR instruments.  If the available time on the 600 MHz instrument is insufficient, note that other quality instruments also are available.

*Auto-shim, auto-lock, auto-tune and temperature equilibration all contribute to the instrument prep time, and can be longer or shorter depending on the particular sample.