Neurosciences at NC State

October 8, 2017 | Staff

When Natasha Olby finished her veterinary neurology residency at NC State in 1999, she had a big decision to make — what to do next.

She interviewed for several jobs, in the U.S. and in England, where she was born and raised and earned three degrees at the University of Cambridge. But she decided to stay at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. She has been here ever since.

“I really liked the environment here at NC State,” said Olby, now a professor of neurology and neurosurgery. “You are supported so that you can be successful. It’s typical of NC State that they let you grow and evolve in your position. You’re not put in a box.”

After more than 20 years at the CVM, Olby’s work continues to evolve. In a ceremony on the college’s hearth on Monday, Olby was presented with the Dr. Kady M. Gjessing and Rahna M. Davidson Distinguished Chair in Gerontology.

It’s a monumental gift for an ardently dedicated clinician-scientist.

The gift comes from Gjessing, of the class of 1994 and a vet practicing in North Raleigh, in honor of her mom, Davidson, an animal lover who once served on the CVM’s North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation Board. It is the largest donation to the CVM from an alumnus — nearly $3.7 million, with $1.5 million in cash and a $1.5 million match from the R.B. Terry Charitable Foundation.

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Original post by Jordan Bartel/NC State Veterinary Medicine | October 2, 2017

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