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Comparative Clinical Neurosciences is based around the clinical management of companion animals with neurological and somatosensory diseases. Faculty with diverse backgrounds work together to manage and treat these conditions in pets using and developing cutting edge diagnostic and treatment platforms. The discoveries made are used in a comparative paradigm to inform the management of the same conditions in humans.

Multiple laboratories and veterinary clinical programs work together to address clinical problems in owned companion animals: pain, itch, spinal cord injury, nervous system tumors, epilepsy, neurodegenerative disease and encephalitis.

At the same time as being at the forefront of the clinical management of these conditions, the teams leverage the information gained from these naturally occurring conditions to inform the management of the same diseases in humans (Comparative Neuroscience). These naturally occurring disease models afford the opportunity of investigating diseases using models that capture the complexity of the genetic, environmental, temporal and physiological influences present in humans.


Current research
There are four research areas, spanning across experimental and clinical neuroscience. We aim to inspire and cultivate researchers and educators at NC State. View the most current and exciting research today.

Natasha Olby with a dog

The Effect of Electromagnetic Fields on Post-operative Pain and Recovery of Locomotion in Dogs with Acute Intervertebral Disc Herniations

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Dr. Alper Bozkurt

Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engr.
Office: Engineering Building II (EB2) 3070
Phone: 919-515-7349
Email: alper.bozkurt@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page

Dr B. Duncan X. Lascelles

Professor Small Animal Surgery and Pain Management
Department of Clinical Sciences
Office: Terry Companion Vet Med Center – 2556
Phone: 919-513-6762
Email: duncan_lascelles@ncsu.edu
Website: Lab web page
Research Interests: Pain; Central plasticity; Neurobiology of naturally occurring painful disease

Dr David Scott Lalush

Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Office: Engineering Building III (EB3) 4015
Phone: 919-513-7671
Email: david_lalush@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page
Research Interests: PET and MRI neuroimaging in dementia, brain injury, and mental illness

Santosh Mishra, Ph.D

Assistant Professor
Dept Molecular Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience
Office: CVM Research Building 242
Phone: 919-515-2152
Email: skmishra@unity.ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page

Karen Muana

Dr Karen R Munana

Dept of Clinical Sciences
Office: Terry CVM Center 2569
Phone: 919-513-6231
Email: karen_munana@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page

Natasha Olby

Dr Natasha J Olby

Professor (Neurology)
Dept of Clinical Sciences
Office: CVM Research Building 346
Email: natasha_olby@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page

Thierry Olivry

Dr Thierry J M Olivry

Dept of Clinical Sciences
Office: CVM Research Building 208
Phone: 919-513-6543
Email: thierry_olivry@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page
Research Interests: Mechanism and treatment of itch in dogs and cats

Dr Mark G Papich

Dr Mark G Papich

Dept Molecular Biomedical Sciences
Office: CVM Main Building C282
Phone: 919-513-6221
Email: mark_papich@ncsu.edu
CVM: Faculty CVM
Research Interests: Pharmacokinetics

Dr Emilie Francesca Rissman

Biological Sciences
Office: Thomas Hall 3510
Email: e_rissman@ncsu.edu
Research Interests: Endocrine disruptors, sex differences, mental illness & obesity

Barbara L. Sherman

Dr. Barbara L. Sherman

Clinical Professor
Dept of Clinical Sciences
Office: CVM Main Building C289
Phone: 919-513-6141
Email: barbara_sherman@ncsu.edu
Website: Faculty web page
Research Interests: Fear, anxiety, aggression in dogs; Feline Immunodeficiency Virus in cats

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