About PackStart

The Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures (OTCNV) created the PackStart Program to assist startup companies in creating and launching a new venture.

Managed by the New Ventures group, this program is available to all newly created startup companies that license university intellectual property.


The goals of the PackStart Program are:

  • To assist the company in getting to market quicker by providing services and support that allow the startup to focus of technology and business development,
  • Reduce the costs necessary to launch the startup company, and
  • Make the appropriate connections to opportunities and strategic partners.

The PackStart Program services are provided as needed by the startup company.


Services available to NC State Startups under the PackStart Program include:

  • Business Model and Plan Development Support
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Logo Development
  • Website Development
  • Shared Incubator Space at HQ Raleigh
  • Discounted Tech Incubator Space on Centennial Campus
  • Connections to Strategic Partners
  • Connections to Funding Opportunities
  • Access to Daugherty Endowment for Entrepreneurialism
  • Grant Writing Support
  • New Venture LinkedIn Group
  • Updates on funding and strategic opportunities through our New Venture Twitter feed
  • Featured on Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures Partners Startup Companies page
  • Mapping tool for the Triangle Innovation Ecosystem
  • Pitch Presentation Coaching
  • Connections to Strategic Partners through our Venture Innovation Partner (VIP) Network
  • Startup Professional Service Directory