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The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) manages, nurtures and protects University intellectual property with a single-minded goal: to transfer scientific discoveries to the marketplace.

NC State is committed to this vital mission, which fosters economic growth and prosperity. Working with industry, the OTT assesses research for potential commercial success, seeks partners who can benefit from the new technology, and develops critical relationships that make the tech transfer process work.

NC State researchers have been issued more than 800 U.S. patents. Learn more about our available intellectual property and the process for working with us — contact the OTT directly at 919-515-7199 or email Kelly Sexton.


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    Available Technologies

    Learn more about available and featured technologies at NC State – technologies that can help you grow or start a new business.

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    The technology transfer process at NC State is designed to make it easy to work with our researchers and access our available intellectual property. Here we walk you through the steps.

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    There are many NC State resources and external resources that can help your company or industry grow its business. A number of options are listed for easy reference.