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Researchers participate in the technology transfer process for a variety of reasons. For some, it is personally satisfying and rewarding to bring a product or service to market. Others are motivated by making society a better place to live. Some want to achieve recognition and financial rewards, while others enjoy generating additional lab or department funding. No matter the reason, the NC State Office of Technology Transfer is here to help.

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    If you are a University researcher, scholar or student with an invention to disclose, we can walk you through the process and answer your questions.

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    Inventors should familiarize themselves with North Carolina and University policies and procedures governing intellectual property, all of which are outlined in this section.

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    The Technology Transfer staff provides NC State researchers with the resources they need to disclose intellectual property and help transfer research to the marketplace.

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    Chancellor’s Innovation Fund

    The Chancellor’s Innovation Fund provides funding to NC State innovators with the goal of moving discoveries to the marketplace. Could your project be next?

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    Innovator’s Portal

    File an invention disclosure electronically and provide all the information OTT needs to evaluate the research and its potential for commercialization.

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    Inventor’s Guide to Technology Transfer

    Frequently asked questions and an overview of the technology transfer process and services available to NC State inventors.

  • AceIT


    AceIT – Accelerate commercialization and entrepreneurship in Information Technologies
    University-wide commercialization initiative in Information Technologies led by NCSU Technology Transfer.