Winners Announced

The Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development (ORIED) is pleased to announce that the following faculty members were funded through the first LREP call:


NC State faculty, staff and students require access to instrumentation, equipment, facilities, software, and databases in order to conduct the world-class research that is expected at a major research university. Extramural support for the acquisition and/or development of research instruments may be obtained through proposals to external public (federal and state) or private (foundation) sources. The NC State Laboratory Research Equipment Program (LREP) supplements these sources with University funds since many external-funding opportunities are poorly matched to specific, lower-cost needs.


This program is not intended to support the equipment needs of units within NC State’s network of Core Shared Research Facilities. Instead, LREP is intended to support the acquisition, repair and/or replacement of shared equipment that may be located and maintained in NC State service centers, departments, colleges, centers/institutes, etc.


Proposal Deadline: October 5, 2017, 5:00 p.m.
Proposals Awarded: Fall 2017


Proposals for LREP support must be submitted by at least one Principal Investigator (PI) that is either an NC State faculty member or an NC State staff member. An individual may serve as PI for only one LREP application but may participate in others as a major or minor user. Office and instructional computing equipment are not eligible for this program. See the FAQs section for more information regarding eligible computing equipment. PIs may not receive more than two LREP equipment grants within a five-year period.


ORIED has set aside $100,000 for this program.  Funds must be spent or encumbered by June 30, 2018.

Maximum Award

The maximum award from ORIED for LREP-funded equipment is $25,000 per proposal.

Matching Funds

A one-to-one cash match is required.


Application and Submission Process

The deadline for receipt of proposals is October 5, 2017, 5:00 p.m. Proposals must submitted through InfoReady Review as a single PDF file.

Please consult with the College Research Office of the Lead PI for additional College requirements.

Application Instructions

The application must not exceed 5 pages and must use the supplied template. Save the template as a PDF file prior to submission through InfoReady Review.

Include in the same PDF document, behind the last page of the proposal:

Incomplete applications and/or applications that do not meet these requirements will be returned without review.

Allowed Costs and Budget

Costs and Budget Not Allowed

Review Criteria

Priority will be given to equipment that will support multiple NC State user groups pursuing interdisciplinary research. The fundamental criteria utilized for award selection are potential impact and need. Colleges may impose additional criteria.


Impact is defined relative to advancement of the research program(s) and overall enhancement of the NC State research enterprise including, but not limited to, the size and breadth of the existing user base across campus and/or opportunities to realize new or enhanced services or serve additional users.


As appropriate for the project, the need will be assessed relative to reduction or removal of research barriers including barriers to external funding, enhancement of the pace or quality of the research, the extent of projected use relative to potential use, and the availability of similar equipment/functions on campus. Proposals that will result in the duplication of existing equipment/functions must include strong scientific and/or practical justification.

Proposal Review and Recommendation

Phase I. Ranking

The Associate Dean for Research of the Lead PI will rank proposals submitted by their college . The Lead PI should contact the College Research Office to understand any additional requirements the college may impose prior to submitting through InfoReady Review.

Phase 2. Review

Ranked proposals will be reviewed by a committee of college Associate Deans for Research and ORIED administration. The review committee for LREP includes:

The review committee will submit funding recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development for final selection.

Post-Award and Reporting Requirements

The PI or an approved designee must submit a final written report describing the impact the equipment had on NC State research programs highlighting any funding that resulted from the project.  In addition the Principal Investigator or designee must submit an audit of equipment use, state, utilization, and maintenance status. Deadlines for reporting are likely to be project specific and will be discussed with awardees. A general rule of thumb for reports to be submitted is one year after the assets are in place and in use.

Contact Information

Questions about this program should be directed to:

Dr. Jon Horowitz, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the goal of this program and who does it target?
A1: The program targets: 1) groups of NC State laboratories that have equipment needs and/or upgrades whose cost is too low to be eligible for federal equipment grant programs; 2) multiple-laboratory facilities that will bring new capabilities or enhanced capabilities to campus.

Q2: Do proposals have to go through PINS?
A2: This program only requires PINS submission for proposals selected for funding. Some colleges required all proposals to be submitted for PINS routing; check your college requirements before submitting your proposal.

Q3: Can funds be used to pay installation costs?
A3: Yes, as long as the equipment and installation costs do not exceed the individual limits established for the program.

Q4: Is the acquisition of equipment that costs more than $25,000 eligible, if other funds to make up the difference are identified?
A4: Proposals over $25,000 are eligible as long the total cost of the endeavor is covered by other funding sources.

Q5: What is meant by, “Eligible equipment includes single, commercially available instruments or the essential components of an integrated system?”
A5: The intent of the program is for the purchase of a single piece of equipment or instrument. It is not intended for the purchase of separate pieces of equipment that together increase the capabilities of a research laboratory. However, it is recognized that some components of an instrument are sold separately (e.g., a computer to run the instrument) and these are allowed.

Q6: Are computers, nodes/servers eligible for this program?
A6: Office and instructional computers/equipment are not eligible for this program. Funds from the program may, however, be expended to replace computers that operate shared instrumentation or are required to analyze data from shared instruments. 

Q7: Will this program be repeated in the future?
A7: There is no guarantee of future funding, but our goal is to be able offer the program in the future.