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NIGMS T32 Training Grants

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) funds approximately 20% of all NIH T32 training grants — accepting applications in 12 program areas of basic biomedical science to enhance graduate research training.


Effective January 2019, NIGMS modified its policies such that an institution may not have duplicate or highly overlapping applications in the same training area under review at the same time. Additionally, NIGMS will support only one training program in a given training area per institution. Applicants for training grant support are instructed to identify the training area to which they are applying from the list below by entering a code and abbreviation (e.g., 1 BBS) in the Agency Routing Identifier field at the time of submission.

Training Program CodeTraining Program AreaProgram Area Availability at NC State
1 BBSBehavioral-Biomedical Sciences InterfaceAvailable
2 BSBiostatisticsAvailable
3 BTBiotechnologyUnavailable
4 CBMCellular, Biochemical, and Molecular SciencesAvailable
5 CBIChemistry-Biology InterfaceUnavailable
6 CBBComputational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical Data ScienceAvailable
7 GENGeneticsApplication Pending - Currently Unavailable
8 MBMolecular BiophysicsAvailable
9 MMMolecular MedicineUnavailable
10 PSPharmacological SciencesAvailable
11 SIBSystems and Integrative BiologyAvailable
12 TBBTransdisciplinary Basic Biomedical SciencesAvailable


In keeping with the new NIGMS policy, the Research Development Office (RDO) manages all NIGMS graduate training grant opportunities as Limited Submission Opportunities.

Consequently, faculty and staff interested in submitting an NIGMS graduate training grant must notify RDO of their intent to apply by submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) to by 5 p.m. on the deadline dates below.  This requirement also applies to funded programs that are applying for renewal. 

An internal competition will result should more than one LOI be received per training area for a given NIH review cycle.


The following deadlines are standing. A LOI is required and must be submitted to RDO no less than four months prior to the NIH submission deadline.

Currently Funded T32 Grants

NC State has three current NIGMS-funded graduate training grants. As long as these training grants are supported by NIGMS, new training grant applications cannot be submitted to the broad area of basic biomedical science in which it is categorized:

  • 3 BT: Biotechnology, “NC State Molecular Biotechnology Training Program” (PIs: Robert Kelly and Jason Haugh; 1T32GM133366-01; ends 6/30/2025)
  • 5 CBI: Chemistry-Biology Interface, “NIH Chemistry of Life Training Program” (PI: Joshua Pierce; 1T32GM141887-01, ends 6/30/2026)
  • 9 MM: Molecular Medicine, “Training Grant in Comparative Molecular Medicine’ (PI: Jorge Piedrahita; 1T32GM133393-01A1; ends 6/30/2026)

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