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2017 PDU Newsletter Archive

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Fall 2017

PDU Assisted Proposals Funded; NSF Toolkit; White House Dwindling Science Office, NSF Updated to PAPPG;l DARPA Rolls Out Electronics Resurgencel NSF/s Directorate for Biological Services

Spring 2017

Building Effective Interdisciplinary Teams; DOD’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative; What You Should Know Before Engaging with DARPA; Funding Opportunities of Interest; How to Become a Reviewer for NIH proposals; Grant Support Index for NIH; NIH Peer Review Revealed

Winter 2017

Navigating the IRB Approval Process; ERC Solicitation; Potential Funding Opportunities of Interest; NSF Policies and Procedure Guide; NSF’s CAREER Program; NSF Piloting Streamline Proposal Budget Process; NSF’s Merit Review Process