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2018 PDU Newsletter Archive

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Fall 2018

The New Era of Convergence Research; Funding Opportunities for Mid-Scale Research Infrastructure; Did You Know: NC State Libraries OPEN Incubator Program; Research Experiences for Undergraduates Supplemental Funding, NSF’s Algorithms for Threat Detection, NSF’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers; MRSEC IRG Pre-proposal Selection Process

Summer 2018

Balancing Diverse Perspectives in Multidisciplinary Research Teams; Did You Know: Research Interests of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, discussion forum, NSF Fall Grants Conference, Removal of SaTC Program Deadlines, NSF’s Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research Core Program, NSF Division of Chemistry’s Disciplinary Research Programs

Spring 2018

Proposals for the digital age; Did You Know: CAREER Proposals; Focus on Convergence Research, ARMY STRR Program, Successful NIH Proposal Samples, Proposal Due Date Changes for NSF’s Division of Mathematical Sciences; NIH Programs

Winter 2018

NSF’s CAREER Proposal: Time to Start Planning; Proposal Development Timeline; Research Development: A Career, Interior Puts Science Grants Through Political Review, Cyber-Physical Systems, Expeditions in Computing, Cyberinfrastructure Solicitation from NSF, NSF and NRF Accepting Proposals for Collaborative International Research Coordination Network