""The Office of Research and Innovation

The Office of Research and Innovation plays a critical role in NC State’s success as a preeminent R1 university. The Vice Chancellor and all Research and Innovation units actively support and nurture the research enterprise, providing resources, expertise, and regulatory control, leading the way to advance innovation and discovery.

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""Shared Core Research Facilities

NC State’s Office of Research and Innovation oversees five university Shared Core Research Facilities that house a variety of state-of-the-art instruments. Each of these Facilities are staffed by scientists that offer hands-on training, specialized research services as well as project consultation.

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""Interdisciplinary Initiatives

The Office of Research and Innovation supports strategically important interdisciplinary research efforts by NC State faculty and their external partners. Three approaches to support and sustain interdisciplinary research initiatives include convening individuals and organizations with common research interests, providing seed funding for pilot research projects and supporting interdisciplinary graduate programs.

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""Centers and Institutes

NC State’s Centers and Institutes reflect the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary scholarly pursuit, including research, instruction and public service. These cutting-edge organizations are frontrunners in their field, blazing the trails for other researchers to follow. Research and innovation on topics ranging from climate change to textiles add value to the everyday lives of our state’s citizens, maintaining public trust and admiration and standing at the forefront in global excellence for research and discovery.

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""Faculty Clusters

NC State’s faculty clusters have added more than 75 new faculty members in 20 select fields to enhance the breadth and depth of our solution-driven research and innovation. They build on our historic strengths in the sciences, engineering, math, design, textiles, humanities and social sciences, and education. The clusters program is essential to accomplishing the goals of NC State’s strategic plan: supporting student success by exposing them to an innovative, interdisciplinary culture; enhancing scholarship and research through investments in faculty and infrastructure; and boosting interdisciplinary research to address society’s grand challenges.

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""Research Portal

Visit the Office of Research and Innovation Research Portal to find resources, support and answers to your research needs at NC State. From funding opportunities, regulatory compliance training and managing your ongoing project, to commercializing your research, industry partnerships and so much more, there is assistance available for almost every need.

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""Industry and Partners

University-industry partnerships accelerate innovation and solve complex challenges. NC State has the resources companies need to stay competitive—like future workforce, subject-matter expertise, or state-of-the-art labs and equipment.

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""Research Commercialization

More than 125 startup companies began life at NC State. The university offers funding, programs and licensing opportunities that benefit entrepreneurs and their investors.

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