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Tracing the Dream

A newly discovered recording of Martin Luther King Jr. puts an NC small town front and center in the civil rights movement.

Self-Powered Vision

NC State’s ASSIST Center aims to improve global health outcomes by eliminating sensor batteries.

Bionic Realities

Alper Bozkurt’s innovations cross a spectrum, revealing the integration of biological and electronic systems.

On the Move

Natasha Olby’s research brings new hope to dogs — and potentially people — with neurological disorders.


NC State faculty members and students continue to earn state, national and global honors.

Quick Takes

Take a quick tour of groundbreaking research from across NC State.

Creative State

One team looks at the future for micro-entrepreneurial tourism, while another improves online searches for historical topics.

4-D Lasers Offer New Tools

A new tool with applications for everything from studying new worlds to making your cell phone more energy efficient.