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Posted on Sep 7, 2012

Solutions Benefiting Society

Solutions Benefiting Society

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Every day, NC State faculty, staff and students focus on solutions. They address societal needs in challenging economic times — and produce results felt across the state and well beyond. In this issue, we share a sampling of our success and a peek at what is on the horizon.

We have a proud tradition of using our expertise and world-class facilities to nurture new businesses and help North Carolina’s existing companies grow. Some businesses and products launched from our campus are now industry leaders, providing jobs here and worldwide. Think LipoScience, Cree and SmartFresh. Our annual report for the Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development also identifies 10 new startups based on NC State technology.

NC State is an entrepreneurial ecosystem, where we encourage everyone to collaborate with our partners to move ideas to the marketplace, or into action by agencies and communities. The second round of the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund will hasten the journey of seven new projects. Check out the variety of topics this year, and know that the selection was difficult with so many great ideas submitted by NC State researchers.

We are especially excited about announcements that made national news recently. We have a new strategic partnership with Eastman Chemical Company. After working with Eastman officials during visits here and at their headquarters in Tennessee, I see a great path for advancements that benefit the university, the company and society.

We are focused on making NC State the university that works best with industry partners. To this end, we have updated our staff organization and are implementing the Springboard Innovation Center. Eastman recognized those efforts and our new partnership is a direct result.

We also expect groundbreaking results from the new ASSIST Center in which researchers and industry partners will advance the form and function of small, wearable health monitors. NC State leads this next generation Engineering Research Center for the National Science Foundation. That makes NC State the only university leading two active NSF ERCs. Our Centennial Campus also is home to the FREEDM Center that is developing smart grid talent and technology.

I invite you to read about the internationally recognized osseointegration research and demonstrations forged by strong collaborations between the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Engineering. Lessons learned on cats and dogs are critical early steps to understanding how procedures might work on humans. The story focuses on the leading investigators, but also check the entire team listing — a network that includes academic colleagues, businesses and students.

NC State’s Virtual Computing Laboratory also is a story of identifying a problem, creating a solution, and sharing it not only across campus but also with schools and community colleges in the state. The model has been replicated nationally — and is another example of an industry partner, this time with IBM.

All these stories reinforce themes in NC State’s ongoing 125th anniversary celebrations. We are building a promising future based on strong traditions. We invite you to join us in transforming society today through our shared vision of tomorrow.

  • Vice Chancellor for Research,
  • Innovation & Economic Development